Want a laugh? (actually it's not really that funny)


I work for local government… a council, and I am a graphic designer so we do all sorts of work, brochures, booklets, invites, advertising etc etc. Well, I’ve been back at work a week and have been working on a brochure called, 'Cat and Dog management plan’
My dog is on the front. She’s a Beagle and looks very cute. As I am the designer, I took the photos of her.
It’s a brochure all about responsible pet ownership, having animals registered, microchipped, desexed, not wandering…and guess what???
She ran away today and we CANNOT find her!!!
And to top it off, she lost her collar a few months ago along with her registration tag and I was meaning to get her another one this week when I went to work, but I got sick and couldn’t work!!!
So she’s run away, wandering, no registration disc and no name tag… and she’s the ‘dog’ face of the Council!!

AHHHHHHHH!!! How embarrassing!!!
She’s also on the front cover of a council publication that goes out to all residents, next week…
Please pray that we get her back safe and sound… She has ZERO road sense…


That is amusing, but I’m sorry your doggie is lost. I hope she comes back safe, too.


Oh, I’m so sorry! Can you get all those photos out ahead of time, & maybe attach a phone # to get lots of people looking for her? I would hope the people at work would allow it, & I know lots of the community would help. I hope you find him… I just had the thought, newspapers love public interest stories. I bet they might print your siuation & the photo…


That seems somewhat like an oxymoron. :smiley:

On a more serious not, I’m sorry she left :frowning: hopefully she’ll come home soon!


I am sure all beagle owners will sympathise and understand perfectly. She was, though undoubtedly cute, a bad choice for a dog management poster child, as beagles are notoriously unmanageable. Hope she comes home safe. We did beagle-sitting for my boss several times and I could write a beagle book, starting with how they eat anything (including red lipstick, bad idea ina home with white carpeting).


Thats so weird!!! I was JUST in another department fixing a computer and I saw a pamphlet someone had taped to the wall about “Pet Management” I looked at it but didn’t open it. I was caught off guard seeing it in a hospital. I instantly pictured my cats in business suits working at a desk. :confused:

I hope your dog comes home.


Is it possible that you live in NM somewhere? My little old dog passed away about a year ago and I started looking for a new one so was at the local Animal Shelter and there was a beagle there!! She was so friendly and looked like she wanted to come home with me.

St. Anthony please find our OP’s dog and send her home.

Brenda V.


I really hope you get your fur baby back soon We become so attached to them.



St. Anthony and St. Francis, we need your help…

silly old beagle…

I had a cocker spaniel for 18 years who had absolutely no street sense either AND was a bulimic (yes she was I am convinced don’t you dare present facts to the contrary) and I miss her so much…:crying:




That she’s a Beagle and cute?? Ohhh… that’s funny!

But she is cute… a little podgy but very cute!


No, I live in South Australia…


Thankyou for your prayers… she is safe and well!
The Animal welfare just rang and she got picked up at 6pm last night a street away from me and taken to the dog shelter.
I have to go into my work to fill in the paperwork to have her released!
Then I will get her a name tag and a new registration disc!
Thank goodness… I have been so worried about her.


Yes - when your brochures are distributed, someone at the Pound is going to say, “Hey - wait a second - I recognize that dog!!”

Oh, well. At least you’ve already got the photos cropped and ready for your “If Found” poster. :wink:


And you are so right puzzleannie, she is a real Houdini (if that’s how you spell it), always getting out.
Not a good choice for a dog management brochure but she was the only dog we had to take photos of. Ah well, I suppose if you can manage Beagles, you can manage any dog!

Thanks everyone!


The doggie angel gave you a second chance.
I’m so glad there is a happy ending to this. So often, there isn’t.


jmcrae;2049981]Yes - when your brochures are distributed, someone at the Pound is going to say, “Hey - wait a second - I recognize that dog!!”

Yes, that’s what I thought! On the cover of a council publication for an article about responsible pet ownership!!

Oh, well. At least you’ve already got the photos cropped and ready for your “If Found” poster. :wink:

I sent this text message to my boss last night …

'Tascha is on the loose. She’s run away, can you add ‘wanted’ on the front cover of Pen2Paper?
And she has NO rego disc! AHHHHHHH

She replied…

Oh my goodness! what a good example of responsible dog ownership…dag! She may come back after exploring. our dog does that. You just have to hope that the inspectors r sleeping. Night. Your’e a gem! Love ya

How sweet!!!

Explore Julie Roberts

See… she’s cute


“Me? Naughty run-away-without-registration dog? No way!”


ooooh thats embarrassing, maybe they have not seen the brochure, if so, you can probably expect some good natured ribbing when you show up for her. glad for the good news. pick a nice steady, well-behaved lab next time.

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