Want Children to Marry in Church



This is my first question although I lurk a lot!

I was baptised and received my Sacrements six years ago. My husband 5 years ago. We were married in the Church at that time, although we were legally married almost thirty years ago. We have a grown son who lives with his fiancee and their two children. They are FINALLY planning to Marry in January. My future daughter-in law occaisonally attend her Catholic Church and has all her Sacraments, but of course at this time refrains from Communion. Here’s my question. She would like to Marry in her Church and of course we would love them to do so. Unfortunately My son is not baptistised and does not attend Church. He will occasionally go during the holidays but is not interested in becoming a member of the faith at this time, Although Praise Be to God both children were baptised in the Church.

Would a Catholic wedding in the Church be permissible in this situation? If not, is a blessing by a priest during the Cerimony permissible?

Thank you for you help.


Your son does not have to become a Catholic to marry a Catholic in the Catholic Church.

They should go see her priest and begin the marriage preparation process.



This is a link for a good book about what happens when a Catholic marries a non-Catholic.

Also, invite her to explore the new bishops website…
www.foryourmarriage.org Very good information even for those of us who have been married many years as it offers marriage enrichment information as well as info about preparation for marriage. I highly recommend everyone exploring it.:thumbsup: Also keep praying for your daughter and your future-son=in-law there is much to be said for the power of prayer by a parent for their child!


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