Want Reconciliation Before Baptism

I am currently in the RCIA program, and am preparing to receive the Sacraments at the Easter Vigil.

I know that my Baptism will wash away my sins, but I don’t feel that it is enough. I have a strong desire to participate in Reconciliation before I am Baptized. Am I able to do this? Or would it be better to make a separate appointment with my priest, and tell him my sins before Baptism?

The sins I am carrying are huge, and I really feel a need to at least tell my priest what they are before I am Baptized. Is this common practice?

you may certainly meet with the priest and discuss this before baptism, but you do have to accept the full reality of the saving action of the sacrament of Baptism.

Baptism is the precondition for receiving the other sacraments, so you could not receive the sacrament of reconciliation before baptism.

It’s true that baptism will wash away all your past sins as well as original sin.

If you wish to make a general confession of the sins of your past life–after Baptism–that might be something to discuss with your priest.

It would not be necessary, since you would at that point have no sins remaining on your soul. But you can ask the priest about it.

I guess it’s the need to verbally announce my sins in the presence of God that I feel I need.

I am working on accepting the reality that Baptism will cleanse me of sin - I am trying to feel worthy of such Divine Grace.

the rites of Lent, particularly the scrutinies, are designed precisely to aid in doing this very healthful exercise, acknowledging and expressing contrition for your sins, so as to aid your conversion.

There is nothing more than Baptism, it is enough, trust God in that.

Working on that :slight_smile: It’s just hard to accept that He would even want to show me his Grace. I just don’t feel like I deserve it.

Thats because you don’t deserve it, none of us do, God is all merciful.

Now that makes sense :slight_smile: Thank you so much for that :slight_smile:

Your welcome :slight_smile:

You’re not worthy of such divine grace. That’s precisely the point. :wink:

Oh, my word…and here I always feel a trace of envy at the Holy Saturday liturgy toward the newly baptized, whose sins were utterly washed away WITHOUT having to go to Confession! (Don’t get me wrong, I love that we have Confession and avail myself of it weekly. It’s that I seem to have to confess the same things week after week that I find discouraging).

OP: It is a teaching the truth of which is beyond doubt that baptism washes away our sins at its administration. Part of being a Catholic is*** believing*** that. Our feelings don’t matter. You must trust Christ and His Church. Where you do not understand, you are only asked to trust.

That trust is the thing I am working on building. It is coming, day by day I believe a little more. Father told me that trusting in God and in Christ is not something that happens over night, it must be worked on every day.

I have no one to share any of this journey with, so to strengthen my faith, I decided to come here. This forum is helping me develop my relationship with God so much :slight_smile:

No, it is not possible to receive any other Sacrament before Baptism.


I would recommend asking your pastor if you can confess your sins to him, but without receiving the sacrament of reconciliation. If he’s willing to talk with you, then you and he will know what sins are being forgiven in the sacrament of Baptism. It’s not necessary, as everyone has said, but it might address your need to enumerate your sins.

Oh, and try not to be tempted to confess these past sins after your baptism. :wink:

Do not forget that you can share your journey with your Godparent as well. That is what they are there for. They are to help you with your journey into, and with, the Catholic Church and Jesus. So use them, they would probably be very excited to discuss these things with you!

When I was in RCIA we had a reconciliation session a week or two before the Easter Vigil (when I was to be baptised). There was a group session on the story of the prodigal son in the hall and then individual reconciliation with a priest in the church. We all - baptised and non-baptised - went into the church for this. As I was not baptised yet I just told the priest three main things I struggle/d with. The priest was visiting and did not know me (or that I was to be baptised) so he may have attempted to grant me absolution, not knowing that I was not baptised - I ca’t remember what he said. Anyway, my point is, if your RCIA group has such a reconciliation session a week or two before the Vigil you may be able to take part in a similar way (but without any actual absolution).

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