Want some ideas on a few things


How do you answer questions about the authenticity of the Bible as God’s Word?

What about when people ask you why you can’t just let others do “what works for them”? (in regard to evangelizing, sharing the faith, etc.)


Here is the definitive explanation from Catholic Answers:

Proving Inspiration


How wouold people just know what works for them? That is assuming their goals include knowledge of truth and salvation.
Why not let metallurgists learn by “doing what works for them?” Surgeons? Nuclear physicists? Pharmacologists? Pilots? Some things matter too much to be based on whimsy or personal comfort.


Some time on Friday I came across a blog post (via the power of Twitter) by @pipstar called 100 Things I Want to Learn which really got me thinking. Its come about due to her thinking about the idea of a DIY Masters (something that Andy Gibson at School of Everything has also been writing about) and as I have thinking about maybe returning to uni and doing a Masters or at least looking to get involved in education of some sort again it struck a bit of a nerve.

Now anyone who knows me could tell you I’m not good at lists so the idea of coming up with 100 things to learn was a bit beyond me! I have however come up with a list of 30 which I’ll try and add to over time.


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