want to hear something unsettling...


I study symbols and I have one for you. You know that pyramid with the eye on the back of a dollar bill? It is called the all-seeing eye. It is a Satanic symbol. It was believed whoever controlled the eye controlled the world’s economy. Go figure. I have Satan’s blood money in my pocket.


I found this article:



If Catholics want others to listen to their beliefs with an open heart, they might stop using the word “satanic” as a synonym for “anything I don’t like.”

Seriously, this paranoia surrounding satan/demons is really starting to put me off from what otherwise seems like the most palateable form of Christianity.

Half the time, the term is attached to something that, while anti-Catholic, would be completely benign other than the fact that we choose to empower certain ideas by attaching some sort of supernatural inspiration to them.

EDIT: I’m sorry if this seems kind of wrathful, but to suggest that random ancient symbols are satanic just strikes me as rather uneducated-- like somebody just wants to believe that they’re surrounded by some kind of satanic conspiracy. Especially when those symbols feature prominently in a lot of Christian art.


Well, if you don’t want it you could always send it to your favorite charity–I’m sure they could find a good use for “satan’s blood money” :eek: :rolleyes:



Although I appreciate your concern, and identify with you rationale, perhaps you may want to clarify what you mean. After all, as Catholics, we believe that Satan is “the Father of all Lies, the Ruler of this world,” among other titles. (I don’t want to give him too much credit :wink: )

Anyhow, I just wanted to add that as a former “devout” agnostic, I totally rejected the idea of the supernatural. Through many encounters with the spirit realm during my dramatic conversion progression, I came to appreciate the reality of angelic and demonic forces. However, I certainly would not claim that all Non-Christian influences are directly from the hand of Beelzebub.

Raising these issues is not at all unreasonable. Ephesians 4:12 says:

“For our struggle is not with flesh and blood but with the principalities, with the powers, with the world rulers of this present darkness, with the evil spirits in the heavens.”

Bottom Line: If we assume the devil does not have his hands in the mix, we are in trouble. If we assume the devil is the cause of everything that we perceive as “not of God,” we could be in trouble. We ought to have both intellectual truth and spiritual truth to come to reasonable conclusions.

Thoughts? Not disagreeing with you - simply clarifying…


I don’t know that the OP is Catholic - and from my own experience your average Catholic is not as free in throwing the name of satan or the label satanic around as most non-Catholic Christians.


and from my own experience your average Catholic is not as free in throwing the name of satan or the label satanic around as most non-Catholic Christians

Yeah, I’ve found this to be true as well.

I swear I saw this symbol in a Catholic mission here in California. It was painted high up above the altar, and the woman leading the tour said it was a symbol of God watching over the priests and Native Americans who lived there. This was a long time ago, but I swear I remember this.


Yeah, I know I kind of went off the handle there. Sorry about that.

I do understand that evil absolutely exists in the world and that, to Christians anyway, this is proof in the pudding that satan also exists and has an influence over humanity.

But I’ve seen more speculation regarding what is and isn’t “inspired by satan” on this board than I’ve ever seen anywhere in my entire life, and I come from a baptist family. I really don’t know what I’m trying to say other than that, to me, it just seems extreme beyond reason not to mention paranoid and slightly delusional.

I think that people are taking a fairly reasonable concept and turning it into a reason to willfully polarize every little thing they see into either absolute good or absolute evil.


I’m sure you have seen it Rawb. I think it’s a fairly common symbol in Catholicism and Orthodoxy, now that I recall.

The following is a link of a pathetic, Anti-Catholic, website designed as a fear tactic for poor, uneducated simpletons. They show this “all seeing eye” symbol in many pictures.


I had to laugh when I saw this. It’s just soooo bad to take seriously.


I also would like to state that I find the OP’s assertion that he/she has studied symbols to be clearly absurd.


HAH! I knew it! LoL.

Here it is, even though it’s really small, you can sort of see it.


I hope that link works.

EDIT Ok, maybe this one?:



Nope. I’m afraid it did not.


Well, we do follow Christ, and he did say ‘whoever is not for me is against me’ and ‘whoever does not gather with me scatters’. I can only reiterate that Catholics in general are very low on the ‘everything I don’t like is diabolically inspired’-o-meter.


Well then I guess this forum is the exception and not the rule.


This is so anti Catholic and it is laughable like an old dracula movie. It is sort of morbid. Dessert


Well, I’m sure it is taken seriously by some. I wonder what Kujo thinks about it.


some clarification of terms might help here

“I saw it on a website” does not equal “I have studied this topic”.

“One poster on a Catholic website frequented by people of all religions or no religion said so” does not equal “Many, most or all Catholics say so.”

“Your opinion differs from mine” does not equal “I am intelligent, you are a moron.”


Citations of supporting evidence please?


I was listening to a radio show very early one morning when I had an upset tummy, and they mentioned this, the Illuminati, and geomancy

I’ve heard that Washington D.C. was designed with geomancy in mind. On the radio show they said our national capital (Canberra) was as well. There’s a site about it here


Satan on Our Dollar!

Disclaimer: I have no opinion as to the veracity of such ideas

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