Want to know about Orthodox prophecies

I was reading about Catholic private revelations, where saints prophesy that there will be three days of darkness and pestilence will eat up mankind, whoever peeps out of their home will be killed, etc. and whatnot. and I was thinking that it seems different from what I was expecting, is God really a God of terror and why would he do such things? My thoughts are that the end times are really a spiritual battle, so I don’t really believe all that. I know private revelations are not given any doctrinal weight in the Catholic Church, so that’s ok.

But I was curious about what Orthodox saints have prophecied… do they say anything about the end times? Are there any good Orthodox mystics to read up that are interesting? (Doesn’t have to be related to the end times.) Thanks.

This site needs a prophecy thread. If there is one, i couldn’t find it. God is a just and righteous God. He will punish us as He wishes. I believe the whole world will be as Sodom and Gomorrah in the end days if you believe the Rapture is for real. See Revelation 3:10 to be specific. The chapter is a stern warning to us. Heck, a quarter of the Bible prolly is. Remember, Jesus said if we are not with Him, we are against Him. So it’s gonna be real tough for those of us that have not accepted His invitation for salvation. Or those who say Jesus is cool and go on about our ways, never repenting. There is no neutral. It makes God sick. Oh, and i too am curious about other prophecies. Orthodox or not.

Here’s a couple for you.


Thank you. Started on it. Look at it more when i have time.


One of my favorites is from St Kosmas Aitolos “The time will come when the devil puts himself inside a box and starts shouting, and his horns will stick out from the roof-tiles.” The horns in St. Kosmas’ prophecy are interpreted to mean the TV antennas.

I’m not familiar with those particular prophecies, but perhaps they are describing what happens, not that God is causing them to happen or wanting them to happen, per se. Terrible things are allowed to happen by God, but much of human suffering is caused by ourselves (e.g., God forbid, a nuclear war) or punishment for our sins.

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