Want to study in USA, english is not good, Help me!

Hallo everyone, I would like to study on a catholic university in USA, it has been my big dream but english is not good. I know there are possibilities to study languge first and than go to University. Can anyone help with this. Do you know good catholic schools in USA and maybe also oportunity tu improve my english? I would really need some help here!
I look forward to the answers. Carol

I believe that there are several Catholic universities here that are very good. As for helping you with your english, could we help here? How the words sound may be a problem. It’s hard to teach that over the internet. But I’m sure we could help with your reading and spelling it, which would be a big step.

If you are looking for a Catholic university that is faithful to the Church DO NOT go to The University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, TX.It does have a very large international community, but it is very far removed from the Church. I don’t mean to be only negative but that is the only one I have personal knowledge of and was very disappointed. Please pray for our Catholic universities.

Hello Carol,

Do you have TOEFL scores? The universities will allow you to attend if your TOEFL scores are high enough.

For example, here is some information on Catholic University in Washington, DC: admissions.cua.edu/international/englishprof.html

If your TOEFL scores are too low, many universities will allow you to come and take English classes. Here is an example from Catholic University: english.cua.edu/iep/

Carol, your English in your post seems good. Do you have an easier time with reading and writing than you do with spoken English? What is your native language? My boyfriend teaches English as a second language (ESL) and I could probably get some tips for you.

I belive I can give you advise on this, a friend of mine, Veronica, went to USD – University of San Diego. She had great experience and she also attended ELA – English language academy – sort of preparation for university in USA in case your languge skills are not at highest level. She speaks greatly about this school, you can check out her video on youtube: youtube.com/watch?v=xCtDOFmkQxg
Hope I helped

Hey, I have also heard about this school in San Diego. I found their web for you carol. usuniversitygateway.com/

Can you afford to purchase the Rosetta Stone program? They are EXPENSIVE, although I have heard they are the best program to learn a language.


Where are you at? I don’t remember seeing that in your OP. If it is Korea, my brother is there, he teaches english classes part time (he is in the military). Also, are you in college now or high school?

Just out of curiosity, what is your native language? Also, you would be absolutely amazed at how much just being completely imersed in a language helps, I was an exchange student in high school, and after a few weeks I even had an accent in German, and it wasn’t even an American one, it was the local accent! :stuck_out_tongue:

We host exchange students every year. Even with low language skills, it doesn’t take long for them to get into the groove, so to speak.

They are sent straight to public school with no other language instruction. Its sort of a sink or swim situation, and 99.99% of the students in the program swim.

Study as much as you can, and take the TOEFL. And realize most Americans will do their best to try to help you as much as possible.

I don’t know much about the USA or their education system since I’m from Australia, however, your english is pretty good, there are spelling and grammar mistakes and such, but for the most part I figure you’d get along pretty well in an english speaking community, most english speakers don’t actually use the english language very well in writing anyways, especially online :smiley:

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