Want to use iBreviary for LOTH: cheap tablet recommendations?


Using the breviary during Advent has my head spinning, and I’m planning to travel a bit soon, so I’m seriously thinking about getting an Android tablet just so I can use iBreviary.

I don’t care if it does nothing else besides let me download in advance and pray the Liturgy of the Hours, so I’m hoping to find something really cheap with no bells and whistles on one hand, but not a nightmare piece of junk on the other hand.

Any recommendations or warnings?


I use the Motorola Xoom. I have all the Catholic apps on it (iBreviary, Laudate, iPieta, Divine Office, Rosary, etc. and I just installed Logos Verbum+ on it). I have used it everyday for about a year and a half now with no problems whatsoever. The only complaint I would have is that the charging pin is very small and you need to be careful that it does not break.

One other thing…if you were interested in the iMass app don’t think it is available for android yet.


looks like Kindle Fire might support the app:


You can get a Kindle Fire as cheap as $139


Check out Lenovo tablets. The 7" tablet is under $100. Decent tablet too.


Well, I went and bought one of those unbelievably cheap Android 7" tablets from an online vendor for less than $70.00, half expecting it to not work. But it works great, which is amazing (this coming from a first time tablet user, of course).

And I’m gradually getting used to the novelty of it all so I can once again focus on the prayers rather than the gadget that delivers them :slight_smile:


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