Want to use NFP but I can't have another baby right now


I am currently pregnant with my first child. I never used NFP before becoming pregnant, and now I need to start it when my daughter is born. I have had a very difficult pregnancy - first hyperemesis gravidum and now pre-eclampsia, and I don't think I can physically handle another pregnancy, especially when I will already be taking care of a baby. I want to use NFP, but I don't trust myself to use it correctly, especially when I will be teaching it to myself during the difficult-to-chart post-partum time. I don't want to get pregnant so much that I am starting to consider some type of artificial birth control, though nothing with hormones because they make me sick. I just really, really can't imagine myself going through another six months of constant nausea and vomiting and hospital admissions, and then constant blood pressure checks and anxiety. I don't think my husband could handle it either. Plus, we live in a one-bedroom apartment and it isn't likely that we'll move, and my husband travels for weeks or months at a time for work, so I will be alone a lot. I was so sick this pregnancy that I could hardly walk for weeks at a time, and I can't imagine going through that alone while taking care of a baby. I always wanted to do NFP, but I just can't get pregnant until our situation changes a lot. My husband is open to ABC or NFP, whichever I want to do. I know he doesn't want any more kids right now as well. It would also be financially difficult for us because I lost my job, and there is no way I could work while I pregnant if my next pregnancy is like this one anyway. What should I do?


First off (((HUGS))) to you…
I know how hard difficult pregnancies can be - I threw up literally every single day of my 3rd pregnancy (my first two weren’t fun either, but 3rd was the toughest)… I sympathize. :frowning:

Do you plan on breastfeeding? For some women, breastfeeding can help deter the return of your cycle during the first 6 months (especially if you follow ecological breastfeeding, which is tough)…
I’ve used NFP after all 3 of my children - successfully (all 3 kids were “planned” ;))… and while it is tedious and you do have to be diligent in how you chart, it can be effective!!

First step - contact your diocese to see if there are local classes… that’s where I learned NFP (sympto-thermal method) and it was a great experience. If there aren’t any local classes, look into these websites:
nfpandmore.com/ - FREE how-to booklet and charts - sympto-thermal method - great website (my favorite)…
ccli.org/ - sympto-thermal method - has online classes and take-home classes… good book that you can purchase.
tcoyf.com/ - a really good book on the sympto-thermal method, but it’s not Catholic, so ignore the parts about using condoms during the fertile phase. :wink:
creightonmodel.com/ - Creighton method of NFP
nfp.marquette.edu/nfp_quick_inst_intro.php - Marquette method of NFP

Plus - there are several other methods out there - those are just the first few links I found…

HTH a little!!! Good luck and may God bless you and your family! :slight_smile:


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