Wanted: Comments from new worshippers at TLM

I’ve been going to the TLM for 3-4 months now. One of the first things that I noticed (here in Phoenix) was that it is not a nostalgia trip. The priests are not graying, the congregation is just a normal cross section of folks, women, men, single worshippers and families, etc. Just like my NO parish down the road.

Any comments (what you liked and didn’t like) from your TLM experience?

Well I’ve only been to one TLM, and that was in Denver this past weekend. It was definitely an interesting experience and way different from my NO parish.

  1. Everybody was conservatively dressed. Not complaining mind you, but it was interesting to see men dressed up in suits and women covered up.

  2. All the females with the exception of three wore head coverings. All of them wore black or white veils. Theres an NO parish about 45 minutes from me where some of the women wear head coverings, but its quite the assortment. Hats, scarfs, very wide head bands, etc.

  3. Everybody had a personal missal and was following along intently.

  4. Very reverent.

  5. There was a wide cross section of people, young, old, married, and single. In my parish there seems to be a lack of people in their late teens and twenties. Even the priest was relatively young, where my parish priest is getting close to retirement.

Its a shame there are no TLM parishes by me, but next time I’m in Denver I will go back to see if I still like it. It was a little odd, because I was struggling to follow along, but it was definitely was interesting.


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