Wanted: More exorcists to meet demands in Philippines [CH-UK]

A huge number of exorcism cases has led a to recruitment drive in Manila


Do they ever recruit from abroad? Would be great to be able to volunteer.

Coming back to this, I’m just wondering if this article is pointing out a certain recklessness in the Philippines. For laity to be asked to volunteer is possibly reckless because once demons leave a victim they look for a new vacant place to dwell. Isn’t putting laity into the rooms of those being exorcised allowing for the possibility that other people - the laity - could then become possessed if they are not properly vetted beforehand? A priest and religious has the protection of the Order and the Church but it is different, surely, for a member of the laity? This makes me quite annoyed actually that out of desperation people who should know better possibly endanger the lives and risk the wellbeing of others. This doesn’t seem very intelligent?! :mad:

I don’t think the article mentioned laity volunteering for exorcisms.

Taken from article:

'Fr Cabading said the Manila exorcists are most concerned about the* lay volunteers** and others that they said are essential help for a lone priest who performs exorcisms. The Manila team wanted to instill a strong discernment process for vetting the volunteers to determine whether they were, in fact, fit to take part in exorcisms.’

The office uses a regular rotation of volunteer doctors, psychologists, lawyers and religious and laypeople who are particularly prayerful who all help either to pray during exorcisms or to help in determining the severity of cases.*

Just curious, but why would that be the case?

It’s standard practice for an exorcist to work with a team which includes both lay and religious. The team assists the priest in prayer and other ways as the situation requires. The team members are, as stated in the article, particularly prayerful. They are well trained by the priest.

Their lives are not in any particular danger due to their participation. They are probably more likely targets for demonic attacks, but this is because they are engaged in spiritual warfare, not so much directly from the exorcism.

Demons are everywhere. Proximity to a possessed person doesn’t increase your chances of possession. Laity are well served by this type of ministry. It’s an opportunity for them to witness God’s power in ways that most people don’t.

Thanks for the response. I’d expect then that “vetting” would be no meagre process. Do you know of any interesting and reliable Catholic articles on this? If so, could you post a link, please? And do you know if they ask for laity volunteers from abroad?

Because of vows and because Our Lady protects religious Orders in a special way. And also because the power of the priests is rooted in the Church in a unique bond and again channelled in unique way.

I wonder if it would help, if all priests, as part of their ministry, were to be trained in exorcisms, rather than the select few.

Pope Francis speaks of Satan as a real presence and not as an abstract idea. I believe this is important. It is interesting.

Pope Franics speaks a lot about satan and no doubt for that reason. I think you are making an important point. I’d imagine satan would like it if people were to think of him only as an abstract idea because then he could do what he wished without people putting up their guard in advance (as is not doubt the case in many areas of society). Not that we need to think of him all the time, as this can be the other unhealthy extreme, but rather that it is good to be aware of his desire to destroy us, so we can do our bit, in making sure he doesn’t manage it! The best way to combat satan is with joy, which is also what Pope Francis reiterates in much of his preaching, and joy is certainly the emphasis of his active participation of the Good News. satan doesn’t get such obvious chances to strike when confronted with joy.

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