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So, St. Therese is not an Orthodox saint, however, for reasons I won’t share I decided to pray a novena to her. I’m on day three. This was a random decision on my part. Today in the mail I received a St. Therese rosary from The Society of the Little Flower, a group from which I’ve never received anything before.

Last week, I decided to pray a novena to St. Joseph regarding potentially selling my house. I received a mailer on day two from one of those companies that buy houses for cash. The only other time this occurred is when I started and failed to finish a novena about a month ago to St. Joseph for the same thing. I received a similar mailer from another company on day three.

I’ve prayed a couple of 54 day rosary novenas in the past- so- I randomly decided to start another one fourteen days ago- only to discover (when I sat down to make out my schedule) that the last day is going to be on the Nativity of the Theotokos. Last year, I made a decision to go through total consecration on Our Lady of Sorrows (which is not on the Orthodox calendar- and total consecration is not an Orthodox thing either). If I decide to renew this, the 33 day preparation will begin the day after the petition phase of the 54 day rosary novena ends. That same day is also when the icon of the Mother of God of the Seven Arrows is commemorated in the Orthodox Church (which is what helped in my decision to go through with the consecration last year).

One could call all of these things coincidences, but I don’t. I’m simply amazed at the power of Christ, the Theotokos, and His saints when it comes to hearing our prayers. Just thought I’d share.


St. Therese frequently says hello like that. She said she wanted to spend her heaven doing good on earth, so I think she tends to reach out to us a lot.


We have such good friends and family in heaven, don’t we? Just makes one smile, giggle, grin. They are so close.


What an inspiring experience. Thanks for sharing. Things like that happen to me as well. GOD is really good! Praise His Holy Name!


Lovely story and may you have a good and fruitful Dormition Fast!

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Thank you for sharing this🙂
Sometimes it’s easy to get discouraged, so I rejoice with you receiving these visible signs :heart::pray:t2:


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