Wanted: TOFU recipes!


I have been eating lots of tofu lately. I just absolutely love it :thumbsup: Do you have any tofu recipes you’d like to share?


Tofu? You are talking to an Atkin’s Cultist here:) .

Can you grill tofu?


Be careful, as eating too many soy-based foods can cause health problems. My vegetarian BIL and SIL learned this the hard way and were ordered off all soy foods by their doctor for several weeks, and to eat them no more than a couple times a week after that. See this for some basic info: pritikin.com/eperspective/0508/eatingSoy.shtml

Try mediterrasian.com for recipes. I also like allrecipes.com .


www.savvyvegetarian.com Some excellent tofu recipes there–my favorite is the Spicy Tofu Pilaf.


It goes great in curry, but my absolute favorite is a Korean dish – hot kimchi cooked with pork and chili sauce, surrounded by slabs of boiled tofu sprinkled with black sesame seeds. Won’t work if you hate kimchi, but that’s your problem :wink:


I love tofu, too.

Well, I just make a simple stir fry. As you probably know stir fries takes lots of chopping.

My favorite stir fry sauce is a bottle is Aloha Barbecue Sauce.

In Beaverton and Seattle is a terrific Japanese supermarket, Uwajimaya. That’s where I buy the Aloha BBQ Sauce. You can probably find it on the internet. Anyway, I purchased a tofu cookbook at their Japanese book store - in English with lots of color photos.

The book is, “A Taste of Tofu” by Yukiko Moriyama. ISBN4-88996-133-X


My favourite tofu recipe?

  1. take a packet of tofu

  2. open bin

  3. insert tofu :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously - I actually love deep-fried tofu with Asian-style peanut sauce - yummy!


when you get it in the plastic tubs, cut a slit in the plastic and drain the liquid. then freeze it. after it’s frozen, thaw it and squeeze it between two plates to get out liquid (it helps to do this over the sink). this makes the texture nicer (imo) and more absorbent to marinating.

slice it into slices. and marinate them. i think we use a mixture of tamari sauce, ginger, a little bit of soy sauce, i think some fresh garlic, (i don’t have the recipe in front of me). you can probably use some pre-prepped marinade also. but anyway, you marinate it, for like a day (it doesn’t have to be 24 hours, it cam be morning to evening, depends on the flavor you want) make some kind of stuffing (we make cornbread stuffing for this) and layer the marinated slices of tofu and stuffing in a baking pan, kind of lasagna like. we make this on Thanksgiving. it is really good. I get vegan gravy to put on it. but you don’t have to put anything on it. You can even pour the remaining marinade over it before baking it (i forget how long, not very long though) but if you pour too much it can get soggy.

I also like buying packages of flavored tofu. I’ll cut it and mix it into a vegetable stir-fry or something. you can even slice it thinly and have it on a sandwich like cold-cuts. I like Soy-Boy’s (I think that’s the brand) Tofu-Lin, Smoked Tofu, and Italian flavors.


Start here: veganlunchbox.com/loaf_studio.html
and proceed here: clearcreekkitchen.org/recipes/view.php?id=268

When it comes to tofu (& other soy foods), Seventh Day Adventist recipes are your:thumbsup: :thumbsup: friend!!


Ooooh…my husband LOVES Korean food. Might have to try this one. He got all addicted to it when he was stationed over there.


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