Wanting a baby


My husband and I are trying to concieve and struggling. We have visited our GP and they have suggested Clomid.

We are both 23 and I have suffered a miscarriage (2yrs ago). I have PCOS, Endometriosis and I am overweight with very low thyroid function. I am not wanting medical advice but any info from ladies who are also in my position or who have had Clomid or know of it would be gratefully recieved!




It took me years to conceive for a variety of reasons, the main one was I don't have normal ovulation (I only get a period every 3-4 months--and oddly enough I have no health problems or hormone imbalances. So I am not sure why). I also had a hard time with measuring my body temperature since I run a few degrees cooler than most people (I am normally 94 degrees as opposed to 98.6). My doctor put me on clomid and glucaphage (spelling?) combined.

I honestly don't know what the Church's stance is on it. At the time, I had fallen away from the Church and didn't consider such things. But my understanding is the two combined do not increase your chance of conceiving, rather it puts you on a level playing ground w/ "normal," "average" women who ovulate correctly. So it's not doing anything immoral, just making up for a deficit. After starting the two drugs, it took me another year to actually conceive.


My wife took clomid for several months before we had our son, no real side effects to mention. IT can also be used by men with certain fertility issues and tends to make them a little moody and put on a little weight — seriously.


I needed Clomid 29 years ago to conceive. I had no problems with it and got pregnant after about 6 months. It has a long track record of safety and is not contrary to the Church’s teaching.


There's nothing morally wrong with Clomid.

That being said, I'm a fan of exhausting a non-pharmaceutical option before filling a prescription, or at least in conjunction with it.

I (thank God) have never had fertility problems, but a very good friend of mine struggled for nearly 6 years to get pregnant. She and her husband start trying to conceive when she was 25, he 30. She was ~30 lbs overweight and not ovulating normally. She took Clomid for 12 cycles and did not get pregnant.

A few months after that, she began exercising and eating better and after 2 months had lost close to 20 lbs. She got pregnant one month later, no Clomid.

Some facts to be aware of: While Clomid does increase your chances of ovulating, it also dries up your cervical fluid, which is just as necessary for conception. This is why a lot of women do not get pregnant on Clomid. Also, being overweight affects your hormones, which in turn affect your cycles.


My wife took clomid for her PCOS when we were trying to conceive my son. She was on it for about 12 months. I have a catastrophic fertility problem that we spent eight years and thousands of dollars trying to correct, and conceived two months before running out of money. The clomid worked very well as would be indicated by our BBT scale and our ovulation predictor kits. Good Luck and God Bless. I'll pray for you


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