Wanting Opinions on Schools Providing Condoms to Students


I figure I’d ask on how this topic fits within my moral theology and I wanted some opinions from more seasoned members.

I know that having premarital sex is a mortal sin, as is the use of contraceptive purely for the reason of preventing pregnancy.

Although I do know that using contraceptive for the primary use of treating a disease while decreased fertility being a secondary effect is morally acceptable – like treating ovarian cysts or endometriosis, as my mother had.

What I’m looking for are some opinions on schools providing free condoms to sexually active students, or really, anyone who asks for them. My school (Parkland) I believe does it, as Allentown does and probably hundreds of other schools across the nation.

I know that two wrongs don’t make a right, but if a person is overcome with the desire to sin, isn’t the use of the condom mitigated by the rational desire to ensure safe sex? Or am I incorrect in my stance? I think that if a person *must *have sex and there is no way to otherwise change their mind, the only thing that can be done is to make the act safer. This is my opinion.

Granted, I am living within a young, new generation. A generation that has forgotten God. And there is so much gray to discern. My cousin Timothy is 16 and has been sexually active for the past 2 years. No wrong way made by my aunt or uncle, it simply lies in my cousin’s will for sex.

And in today’s age, this is seen as “normal” and that contraceptive usage is “safe”. I was indoctrinated into this thinking 4 years ago in sex ed class, a mandatory course. In a world that tries to act with good intentions while not going to God for help, what is right?


The easy distribution of contraceptives does not mitigate the sin of sexual immorality because they further encourage its prevalence, which like all sins, quickly becomes habitual. Once a sin becomes habitual, as in the case of Mozart’s famous Don Giovanni, the man becomes a slave of his own passions and no longer possesses freedom.

There is a short-term temporal utility to condoms: that when used correctly, they vastly reduce STDs and unwanted pregnancies. This short-term utility is overwhelmed by its long-term effect: the prevalence of a culture that has lost respect & devotion to the family, and subsequently has a grossly weakened ability to raise a future generation of moral human beings.

If I throw my trash in the yard, I enjoy the short-term benefit of not having to put my trash into bags and having it hauled it away to a designated area. The long-term effect, however, is a neighborhood covered in filth. Many things that might yield considerable short-term benefits are not actually ultimately good for you.


Is this to imply that if one sins, that attempting to mitigate the worldly consequences is also wrong?


Wouldn’t this be like giving clean needles to drug addicts?

It just ENCOURAGES the behavior. And a piece of latex doesn’t protect against a broken heart after a girl is dumped by the guy who claimed he “loves her”.


Which is why the secular “put a band-aid on a broken heart” philosophy is irrational, immoral, and failing, and will continue to fail. Divorce is out of control, and those older children that experience their parents’ divorce suffer long-term consequences from the sundering of their parents. Children are being born out of wedlock by the millions, and if we must be worldly enough to put this into easily quantifiable terms: the developing world will economically, socially, and politically sail past us while we wallow in the consequences of our sexual filth and gluttony.

Contraceptives provide short-term solutions at the expensive of the long-term. Once those long-terms consequences come into effect (which they already have) you need to throw even more short-term solutions at the problem (i.e. more “safe sex”)… which causes further long-term problems… in which case you turn to more short-term solutions. It’s a progressive downward spiral in which man becomes a slave to himself and cannot control himself. He is neither happy nor free in this life, which is a foretaste of what awaits his self-designated eternal state.


VERY well stated.


I agree


For young adults who is learning about sex, it more important to teach the relevance of sex first.

Condom teach irrelevant sex, meaning sex without responsible of the consequence of child bearing, loving the partner, loving & nurturing the child as the result of sex hence financial matters health and so on.

Children then think that sex-- adult teach them this way-- is (adult) entertaintment

Especially for boys, teaching the relevance of sex is very important.

Let alone boys, I’m sure many (even catholic) men-- with porn culture-- they do not really know what it means to be TRULY prolife for men.

We have taught girls and women enough about consequenses. Give condom to young boys? No! Why? Because sex is NOT entertaintment! That’s why.


Besides the obvious arguments already stated, I will also mention that these sex-ed programs and condoms distribution also damage the innocence of students who do not already have corrupted minds.

For instance, a few years ago I was a 17 year old girl who was dedicated to being as pure as possible and therefore never watched R rated movies, barely ever even looked at a PG-13 ones, etc. And then…college orientation happened.

The MANDATORY lecture was billed as being safe in relationships. I went thinking that it would be the same old stuff…how to recognize abusive relationships, how to break up safely in a public place, etc, etc, etc.

Instead, it was a how-to-have-safe-and-enjoyable-sex workshop. That day, despite my will, I learned that masturbation existed and what it was. I learned a lot of other graphic things that kept intruding on my thoughts afterwards. Frankly, all throughout my education I had learned things about sex that would not have ever entered my mind if it weren’t for safe-sex courses in school.


That is the 100% wrong approach. It encourages promiscuity and condoms are not 100% effective.

From the CDC:

“Male condom—Worn by the man, a male condom keeps sperm from getting into a woman’s body. Latex condoms, the most common type, help prevent pregnancy, and HIV and other STDs, as do the newer synthetic condoms. “Natural” or “lambskin” condoms also help prevent pregnancy, but may not provide protection against STDs, including HIV. Typical use failure rate: 18%.”

18%. And if you have enough sex partners, you approach and eventually meet the failure rate.



This reminds me of a sexual violence prevention “game” I had to play online for college a few days ago because it was mandatory. I was part of a group of virtual friends as they go to a party and discuss sex and violence the next day. I had to respond to their questions asking what I think of each situation or respond to a statement. One was whether or not sex can be good without an orgasm yes or no. I found it very disturbing that the researchers that put together this program would 1. include this question and 2. not give “I don’t know” as an optional answer. This really doesn’t make me feel to excited to go to college. I wonder how easy it is to lose yourself there if they already assume that you will.


First, it is not the role of the school to provide this kind of thing. Did you know that your school is not allowed to give out band-aids or Asprin? So why are they giving out condoms?

Second, sex is for a man and a woman who are married to each other, to renew the graces of their Sacrament of Marriage and to allow for children to be welcomed into their family.

Sex is definitely not for school children, and no one should be acting like this is “normal.” It absolutely is not normal for school children to be having sex. The fact that it is common speaks to the insanity of the society in which we live.


The failure rate of condoms or other contraceptives doesn’t even mean anything to me. If contraceptives became 100.00% effective at stopping unwanted pregnancies and STDs it would simply further encourage their use, which creates a culture of death that loses the foundational family unit of society. We would be worse off with 100% effective contraceptives than the other way around. It’s like comparing atomic warheads in the 1950s to the bigger and “better” versions in the 1960s. The increased technological sophistication merely increases their cruelty towards mankind.

The Catholic Church doesn’t condemn the many faces of sexual immorality because of health reasons. That’s a superfluous add-on to the more fundamental reasons relating to the dignity of men and women, the sacredness of sex, family, children, and societal stability & happiness. Admittedly, health dangers have historically been a good deterrent, but that has nothing to do with why God so immensely cherishes the virtue of purity.


I want my girls to go to college and I like some of the local State schools around here because of the fact that they are inexpensive and have excellent programs to offer.

But I am terrified of this. I don’t want my daughters exposed to this kind of nonsense…they’ll only be 18 when they start college and that is so young.

I go to a State University so I can finish my degree.
Just walking around campus and seeing what is openly posted on bulletin boards is alarming and frustrating.

I’m in my early 30s, married and had my fair share of immoral experiences (I didn’t convert until my mid 20s) but the things I was seeing were really giving me a hard time.

There was actually a sign that claimed “STDs and pregnancy aren’t a good enough excuse to avoid sex…use a condom!”
I went to a public school in a liberal state and we were never taught to totally rely on condoms. We were still taught that condoms have a failure rate.

Another thing that bothers me is the way the military has been handling sexual harassment and rape lectures.
Both my husband and I are in the military…same base. We all have to attend these lectures.

The first time they mandated us to attend these lectures I was 5 or 6 months pregnant with my middle child and sitting next to my husband.

Everything they discussed was making me turn several shades of red and so uncomfortable that I almost wanted to file a sexual harassment claim myself!
I was mortified!

This approach just desensitizes young people when it comes to sex.
Nothing is off the table, anything can be discussed publicly and there is zero privacy encouraged.

Forget about morals. That is the least of our problems right now.




You were correct in the first place, thinking two wrongs do not make a right. One may never do evil, even in pursuit of good.

Bah, humbug. Stop right there. No one “must” have sex.

It is a wrongheaded opinion.

The only thing that can be done is to reiterate the TRUTH to that person.

Proclaim the truth and do so boldly. Help your cousin to see how sexual activity damages him. He is a child of God, he deserves the truth, not a condom.


This is why I want my kids to attend a college on the Cardinal Newman Society’s list of colleges - cardinalnewmansociety.org/


The means do not justify the ends.


gasp A religious Catholic around my age! I didn’t know such a person still existed! Hallelujah!
All jokes aside…My problem with this whole free-condoms-from-the-school thing is, well, okay, look. If you put away morals for a sec and think like the liberals, i.e., sex is a necessity, just like any other part of growing up, then it is the parents’ job to educate their children about “safe sex” and teach them the basics, etc. etc. If liberals want sex to be the norm, they need to take responsibility and start educating their kids and providing the necessary tools.
But the reality is, these parents aren’t having those conversations, and the kids aren’t talking to their parents about this stuff. The parents are telling their kids, “Hey, sex is normal. In fact, to grow up, you NEED to have sex. Also, don’t get pregnant or STDs, 'cause then you’re an idiot and I won’t love you anymore.” And the kids aren’t telling their parents ANYTHING. If premarital sex isn’t supposed to be shameful anymore, why is everyone running and hiding when the topic comes up, or when it’s time to take responsibility for one’s actions?
A lot of the teens that are having sex AREN’T taking ANY responsibility for this big choice they’ve made. When you’re sexually active, you need to go to the doctor. You need to get the shots and take the pills and buy the birth control. You need to tell people when you’ve screwed up and gotten pregnant or sick. And your parents NEED to know, on SOME level, that you’re sexually active so they can make sure they fulfill their parental duties by making sure all of the above is taken care of.
But these kids aren’t doing this stuff. They think (and yes, I know people who actually do this) they can skirt around in the shadows, avoiding this awkward subject with their parents, and get away with it. These kids are getting sick, pregnant, having abortions, or birthing babies in fishy places and dumping the infants in the trash. Okay so that last part might be a bit of an exaggeration (though it does happen), but the rest is the reality. You can’t tell someone to have sex and then not support or educate them. And you can’t have sex and not go to the freaking doctor. And when schools give out free condoms and birth control, they are only enabling stupid sex. If any fourteen year-old can sneak to the nurse and ask for a condom, what is stopping all these uneducated kids from having stupid, secret sex? Nothing! They think they can do whatever they want BECAUSE THEY CAN. And then their girlfriend gets pregnant and, oh no, what now?
If someone supports premarital sex, fine. But they need to educate their kids, provide their kids with birth control, and take their kids to all the necessary doctor’s appointments. Sex is a HUGE responsibility, but VERY few teens and young adults realize that these days.
Not my most well-written post, but I think it gets the point across.
Oh, one more thing about this: If my child’s school thought they knew what was best for my child and their sex and religious life, and went behind my back and enabled my child to have sex, I would be beyond furious. Schools that are providing free birth control are encroaching on parents’ territory.


Some time ago I’d have been strongly for schools handing them out. But at this point they are cheap enough and widely available for purchase, no questions asked. As such there is no longer a good reason for schools to do this.

Though I will say that every peer I knew who got pregnant during or shortly after high school didn’t use any abc. So it seems obvious that not providing condoms aren’t an effective deterrent.


If someone has decided to have sex outside of marriage, I think using preventative measures to not spread disease is smart.

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