Wanting Religious Life and Motherhood?


Discerning a religious calling is difficult! How does a calling to the religious life even occur? There is no standard way as God speaks to us through different means. Prayer is the first step, but even then sin can cloud our emotions and thoughts.


What if one feels an attraction to marriage, as many women do? Does this mean the consecrated life is not for them?

Fortunately, there are practical answers to these questions. Read on to find out the next step for one who is discerning!



A while back, i used to almost cringe at the idea of being married and all that. And now I kind of want to be… Its still kinda scary…I have NEVER dated or anything lile that, and people are like in shock when i say that because im young and everyone pretty much has, some havent. Could this be a sign that God has someone for me? A reason why this idea has been put off until now? It would be nice to for once meet someone… I would also maybe like to adopt one day. If any of this be God’s will.


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