Wanting to become Catholic...?

Hey guys(:

So I’m a high school sophomore at a Catholic high school. I am not Catholic, however. I’ve always seen religion as a drag, and I just told my mom I believed in God for a while when I really did not. I went to public for grades K-4, Christian school 5-8, and public 9. Neither of my parents are Catholic or Christian. My mom is a Sikh and my dad just believes in God. I am not baptized and my choice of religion is left to me.

Before, I did not believe in God. Now that I’m at a Roman Catholic school, I see that Catholics are different than the steryotypes (SP) out there. I see that Catholics are open with each other and they have an open mind when viewing the world. I also like how close they are to their priests. I want to become Catholic. I want to become part of this loving family with Christ and my brothers and sisters. The thing is, I don’t know how to tell my parents.

While at my Christian school, the “Christians” there were the most judgemental, hateful, hypocrites ever. My parents didn’t like it, because my classmates and teachers they were the best because they were the best and everyone else was scum. I have seen how Catholics act towards other religions, and I like how they encourage it, but not to the point where its considered forcing. At my Christian school, I could have been expelled for not being Christian. My Catholic school prefers it, but it isn’t required. My parents see the difference, but I’m not sure how they would react to something like this.

Please give me advice and pray for my family and I.

Much thanks,

Hi Alexxandra and Welcome to CAF!

From your post, it is clear you are a mature young woman who thinks about things.

Perhaps the best way to start is with the truth. That you are wanting to learn more about Catholicism. To explore it. Ask them for their support. There is no need to make a commitment because you will not be ask to make a commitment unless you feel it’s where God is calling you. The process is called “discernment” and that is what you are discerning. God’s will for you. :slight_smile:

Im not sure how things work at a Catholic school but I would suspect that there is a way of talking to a priest and expressing a desire to learn more about Catholicism.

Praying for you and your family. God bless! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to tell you parents. However, I want to wish you well on your journey into the Church! You will definitely be in my prayers!
God bless!

Ok. First of all, Catholics are Christians. I assume you meant a Protestant school?(Protestants broke away from the one true church in the 16th century)

Now there are many things you can do. My most important advice is to consult the priest at your Catholic school and tell him your situation. I’m sure he’ll be happy to help. If you want to convert your parents, the best thing to do is be an example and pray for them. Let them see you act as a perfect example of a follower of Christ and they might convert. Start practicing Catholic devotions, such as refraining from meat on Fridays during Lent. Try printing out documents explaining the Catholic faith around the house so your parents will pick it up and read it. I suggest printing out the story of the Miracle of the Sun. That might convince them.

Make your home a domestic church. Have your room filled with Catholic items, such as the rosary or books on the saints.

Most importantly, pray! Ask for the Holy Spirit for guidance, and make sure to pray the rosary every night. It is a very important prayer that will help you get closer the Blessed Virgin Mother. ewtn.com/Devotionals/prayers/rosary/how_to.htm Use this site to pray it. Also, I personally prefer the traditional order of the days and would recommend that.
Don’t ever stop praying. I will pray for you too.

And if you want to learn more about the Catholic faith, this site is an excellent place to do so! :thumbsup:

I personally would attend Mass, see what it’s all about, pray, pray then pray some more, I don’t know your age, but after a time I would break it to my parent’s that i’m interested in becoming Catholic. I too have had a hard time believing in God, but I believe in His Son Jesus, who walked this earth suffered and died a most heinous death. And if I believe in Jesus then it naturally falls into place that I believe in His Father to which He referred too many times in the Gospel +++


Also OP, unless I’m misunderstanding, it sounds like your choice of religion was left for u to decide. And if your parents are giving u this choice, I would just try to gently bring it up to them whenever u feel may be a good time to do so. There’s still a whole RCIA program that one would have to go through, and even then, I believe one is free to still not become Catholic if they feel it isn’t right for them.

Anyway, I’ll certainly keep u in prayer.

God bless! :slight_smile:

In reply to everyone, thank you(: I have to take a religion class to graduate, and for sophomores, it is Morality, Sacraments, and Rituals. Go figure.

I like what Suko had to say. :slight_smile:

Also, you would have to call your local parish’s office, in order to get information on RCIA.

You have my prayers as well, that everything works out well for you. God bless you.

You said that your parents have left the question of religion up to you. Now you have the opportunity to choose. If they are serious about this freedom they have given you, then it shouldn’t be a problem. Sit them down and explain your reasons in the most polite and respectful ways. Conversion doesn’t happen over night, so even if they are a bit worried about the whole thing, they will have enough time to get used to the idea. Plus, having them see how being Catholic impacts you in a positive way is the best possible witness.

God bless you on your journey.

I agree with Contra…previous post…I’ll bet your parents are a great deal more understanding than you might think…you sound very mature for a 10th grader…It sounds to me like you are a great Catholic School…excellent…I will pray for you…best wishes in yr quest…PAX

Wonderful for you! We welcome you on the Catholic Answers Forum and we are busy praying for you and your entire family. The Church is a family and we always have room for everyone. Learn, pray and work hard. Your parents have given you a great gift of a Catholic education. They will see you blossom as a young woman while you finish your high school education and that, in itself, will probably convince them that Catholicism is a great choice for your life and maybe even for theirs. You are now the light of Christ for others as you continue your journey of faith. :slight_smile:

Is the Catholic school associated with a Catholic Church parish? If so, ask to talk to the Directory Of Religious Education (DRE) and tell them that you would like to look into becoming a Catholic. You will then probably be enrolled in RCIA (Right of Christian Initiation for Adults.

God bless you and give you great joy on your Faith journey.

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