Wanting to believe miracles


Hey guys i’ve been struggling a lot with believing stories of Marian apparitions and their promises such as the brown scapular and I really badly want to believe them but I just just can’t seem to get myself to and idk what to do about it any help? (Sorry for terrible grammar)


Are miracles central to your faith?


I mean the ressurection and immaculate conception were but I believe those.



St. John Paul II exhorted those who wear the Brown Scapular to take part in the special graces involved with wearing it:

Therefore two truths are evoked by the sign of the Scapular: on the one hand, the constant protection of the Blessed Virgin, not only on life’s journey, but also at the moment of passing into the fullness of eternal glory ; on the other, the awareness that devotion to her cannot be limited to prayers and tributes in her honour on certain occasions, but must become a “habit”, that is, a permanent orientation of one’s own Christian conduct, woven of prayer and interior life, through frequent reception of the sacraments and the concrete practice of the spiritual and corporal works of mercy. In this way the Scapular becomes a sign of the “covenant” and reciprocal communion between Mary and the faithful: indeed, it concretely translates the gift of his Mother, which Jesus gave on the Cross to John and, through him, to all of us, and the entrustment of the beloved Apostle and of us to her, who became our spiritual Mother. ( Message to Carmelite Community)

Suffice to say, the Brown Scapular is a powerful aid to those who devoutly wear it and call upon Our Lady’s help in time of need. There are numerous stories that attest to the miraculous nature of the Brown Scapular. In particular, there is one story that show how much Satan hates the Brown Scapular:

You will understand why the devil works against those who promote the Scapular when you hear the story of Venerable Francis Ypes. One day his Scapular fell off. As he replaced it, the devil howled, “ Take off the habit which snatches so many souls from us!” Then and there Francis made the devil admit that there are three things which the demons are most afraid of: the Holy Name of Jesus, the Holy Name of Mary, and the Holy Scapular of Carmel . To that list we could add: the Holy Rosary.

The great St. Peter Claver was another of God‟s heroes who used the Scapular to good advantage. Every month a shipment of 1000 slaves would arrive at Cartegena, Colombia, South America. St. Peter used to insure the salvation of his converts. First, he organized catechists to give them instructions. Then, he saw to it that they were baptized and clothed with the Scapular. Some ecclesiastics accused the Saint of indiscreet zeal, but St. Peter was confident that Mary would watch over each of his more than 300,000 converts! ( Garment of Grace, emphasis added )


If you’re looking for an undeniable miracle, study the Shroud of Turin.


Uh…there are significant doubts as to the Shroud of Turin’s authenticity.


Keep in mind that believing in things like Marian apparitions is not required. Some Catholics do, some don’t, both can be equally “good Catholics.”

If you’re having trouble with something like Fátima or Lourdes, just relax, admit to God you’re unsure about it, and then pray He’ll bring you to the right conclusion. Then don’t worry.


The problem with relying too much on something like the Shroud of Turin is that if it eventually was proven to be a fraud or not miraculous, that would be a blow to the faith and cast doubt on other “miracles” as well.


I believe miracles happen every day. We just do not realize that they are happening.


You are not required to believe in any Marian apparitions.


Catholics are not required to believe in Marian apparitions, not even in approved apparitions. They are private revelation, and Catholics may choose to believe them or not.

Nor are Catholics required to wear the Brown Scapular or believe in any apparitions or promises connected to it. With respect to the traditional “scapular promises”, some of them, such as the Sabbatine Privilege, have been dismissed as inauthentic, and there is no reliable support that Mary ever made any specific promises to St. Simon Stock or to Popes regarding the brown scapular. The Scapular, worn properly in connection with the requirements of the devotion, is meant to be a sign of a person’s devotion to Mary and a prayer/ hope that she will provide the grace of final perseverance. It’s not a “get out of hell, free” card.

I think you should focus on the beliefs that a Catholic is required to have in order to be in communion with the Church, not on this optional stuff at this point. You can find the required beliefs in the Profession of Faith.


Well, good, because those are required beliefs.

Like I said, just focus on the required beliefs.

You could easily be a good Catholic your whole life and never believe in Fatima or wear a Brown Scapular.


Start small is my advice. Small miracles happen every day. Build up your faith. It takes time.


Having studied the subject of the Shroud, I am left without absolutely no doubt the Shroud is the authentic burial cloth of Jesus Christ. The reasons are too numerous to list.


There is no way the Shroud could be proven to be a fraud.


Why not? There is nothing definitive scientifically.


If scientists in the 21st century can’t explain-- let alone reproduce-- the image on the Shroud, how could someone in the 14th century have pulled it off?

Pigments, paints and dyes have been ruled out. The image is three-dimensional and is a photographic negative. (Photography wasn’t invented until the 19th century). The blood was on the Shroud before the image was created. The blood contains bilirubin (evidence of a tortured victim) and sera invisible to the naked eye. The artist/forgerer would have to have anticipated technology that wouldn’t exist for hundreds of years in order to fool modern science.

According to one Italian physicist, the only way the Shroud image could have been formed is with several billion watts of ultraviolet radiation lasting a duration of one 40 billionth of a second.


If it were not for miracles, how would we know Jesus is God? The miracle of the Resurrection is the central event to Christianity. Without the Resurrection, Christianity would not exist.


Private revelations are optional.

You do not have to practice them.


I see your point for sure, but I think many people understand a miracle to be something other than the resurrection. They are supporting things and, honestly, don’t define what it is to be Christian.

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