Wanting to break free from homosexual lifestyle: former partner



i have a friend that struggles with this and was wondering if anyone could offer some advice. she wants to be rid of her past but still cares very much for this girl she used to be with and struggles with feelings towards her.

aside from the ever crucal prayer, how can this best be handled?

thank you for reading:)


If your friend truly desires to move forward she should turn the page on this past life and start a new chapter.

This may be hard but I’d recommend ceasing all contact with the former person as well as throwing out or destroying any correspondence, gifts, or any mementos that remind your friend of the person. This is the advice a psychologist gave me after I ended an unhealthy relationship. This may seem extreme and rude but if your friend wants to move on she’ll have to sever all ties.

Your friend will be in my prayers.


Dear friend in Christ,
I would recommend that you help your friend find your local chapter of the Catholic Group Courage www.couragerc.net. This is a group that can help her with finding the best way to help her move forward in her struggle in life. I will pray for her but I strongly encourage you to give her this website and allow her to make contact with a local person from the group.
Gods Blessings!


I would also recommend Courage. They would have some great insight for your friend.

I also agree, though, that the best thing would probably be to sever all ties if she really wants to break free from that lifestyle.


That’s just plain sad.


Welcome to CAF, cream78. I hope you find the answers you seek.

I have nothing to offer in that regard, except prayers, which will be offered up for your friend – and you, as well.

God bless,

P.S.: I don’t know if this will be of help, but I found this myspace site of a young woman – 41 is young to me – who has had several ups and downs on her journey, but has been touched by our Lord. One of the things she had to confront was same-sex attraction and, if you were to contact her, perhaps she could offer some advice. I don’t know her, but she was courageous enough to publicly share this as part of her testimony, so I think she would be helpful.

This site is very well-put-together, as the woman is very, very creative. However, there are aspects to her story and some visuals she used that would not be suitable for, uh, “younger viewers.” And be patient with the site – there are a lot of visuals to load and it takes my “vintage” 'puter a while to load the site, but it’s worth it. Again, God bless.



tell her to stay away from this person, the feelings will subside over time…the best way to resist temptation is to stay away from it…


thank you all for your responses :slight_smile:

i’m sorry but i’m not sure i understand jack17’s comment , can you please clarify?


suppose the other person wanted to remain friends, or is that too much?

my friend cares very much for this other girl and i’m not sure if ceasing all contact would be best but that may just have to be the case, i don’t really know.

thank you all again for your response and prayer, please keep them coming:)


That her relationship type love for the woman should end because it’s a mortal sin. It’s sad that she can’t have it or else she will cause a sin to both her and her lover.

I guess that’s life.


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