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Hello all,

My name is John and I am new to this forum. I am wanting to convert to Catholicism (from a Protestant background). My wife is Catholic and we want to continue our faith together in unity. My biggest question is, I guess, what exactly do I do next? I know it’s a pretty basic question but since I’m new I’m kind of confused. Thank you for the help!


You need to contact the priest or RCIA coordinator at your parish to get information about going through the RCIA classes. It’s too late to join this year’s class, but you’ll be able to join next year’s classes.


Hi John. There are two things to do, to start off with. Start going to Mass together every Sunday, the two of you, and then have a word with one of the priests. Be guided by him.

Are you in the United States? Most parishes have RCIA, which is a course for people intending to convert, but the arrangements vary from diocese to diocese and from parish to parish


Thank you so much!



And, there are many good books you may want to read now while you wait for RCIA to start again…the priest can most likely tell you which ones.


Hello John. I would think that you are on a correct path here striving for spiritual unity. Talk to the parish priest and he will guide you through this. For myself I cannot find fault in the Catholic faith. It has a strong foundation… Jesus. You will however find fault in man no matter church one goes to. I again feel you are going in the right direction. May God bless your journey… Gary


RCIA is the rite of christian initiation for adults.

People can suggest a ton of books for you to read, which may bog you down. If you have access to EWTN cable network, on Mondays, 8 p.m. Eastern, there is a program about people who have converted to the Catholic faith. It may help you to listen to some of these personal histories. it’s called The Journey Home. Past programs are archived at chnetwork.org. These programs may give you special help from people who have a similar background to your own religious and spiritual background.

EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network) also has a radio network, which is still called EWTN. At 2 p.m. eastern time, usually a repeat at 11 p.m. eastern time, is a radio program titled Called to Communion. It is program to answer questions for those considered conversion to the Catholic faith.

on the ewtn.com website, you can look around for the broadcast schedule for a lot of Catholic radio programs where you live.

Also, on that website, you can select radio then archive to pull up a list of recent programs, which you can listen to and/or download for listening at a convenient time.

at avemariaradio.net, you can select “listen live” to stream a program that is currently being broadcast. At that page you can select “archive” to go to a listing of programs that might also interest you, some of which are more spiritual and meditative in nature. You can also download those programs for listening when it is convenient.

also, http://calvin2catholic.com/ is a website with information from Dr. David Anders who hosts the Called to Communion radio program, and may have some articles of interest relating to conversion.


Besides calling your local parish to find out about RCIA (you can go through it and decide NOT to convert, btw), I would also suggest reading as much as you can about the Church and starting to attend Mass (you can’t receive Communion until you enter the Church, but you can do everything else in the Mass). There are a lot of book suggestions on these threads if you do searches. The author Scott Hahn is a favorite of converts (Rome, My Home, and many other books).


As others have said, RCIA and Mass. Try to go to Mass as often as possible, they have it everyday for the most part. You can watch Mass online or on TV too, but go in person at least for Sunday Mass/Saturday Vigil. God bless!


I am in RCIA classes,and they are super helpful,and a Blessing…
So worth taking, even if you are already Catholic, you would be surprised how many actually still go to RCIA,and find out things they NEVER knew :slight_smile:


You are right, EWTN is SO WORTH watching


It would be a good idea to study the Catholic faith:

I highly recommend the book “My Catholic Faith”;

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