Wanting to get right with God but not sure if ready


I need to go to reconciliation, and I want to get right with God, but I feel like I’m going to give into sin pretty easily, I’ve been weak at resisting certain ones lately. Does anyone else get like this?

Pray for me if you can, thank you.


I am at the moment too… Will be praying for you x


You should strengthen your resistance to sin. Maybe by praying when you are tempted? You should work on finding a way.
Don’t be foolish. Today you are alive, but tomorrow you could be dead. It happens to people all the time. Even to someone young. Then you will have to face God who could judge against you.
I am old now, but even when I was young, I thought that I could die any time and had the thoughts I just mentioned. But there were sins I didn’t like myself when I was young too, and I am happy I overcame them over the years God gave me.


If you are Catholic and go to sacramental confession and make a good confession, your sins will be absolved *and *you will receive special graces to help you resist sin.

I have been doing much better going to Confession more frequently, between 2 and 4 times a month. (I would go every week all the time but the nearest Mass to me is a mission chapel so it depends on when I can make it to the parish church.)

Now, the enemy plays a trick on us: when we are in a state of grace he wants to separate us from God: before we sin he tells us how it’s ok, it’s not serious, we’ll still be good people, everyone does it, etc.

After we sin, it’s a different story! Then the sin is magnified, and our terribleness is too. Then efforts are directed to keeping us from reconciling with God.

Yes, you wll probably commit those sins again, but this is very common. We need to learn to resist sin, and that’s a process. With God’s grace, it’s easi**er, **but we still need to put in some of the work.

So I hope that you make it to confession today!


Now, the enemy plays a trick on us: when we are in a state of grace he wants to separate us from God:

Very well said especially for a new Catholic like me to hear - thank you!:thumbsup:


Go to confession if you are a Catholic!!! That’s an order! :slight_smile:

When I first came back to the Church, I was deeply embroiled in sexual sins, including a certain one that many struggle with. So long as the penitent truly wishes to overcome the sin, even should they fall into it the next day, they can be absolved. Even if you know “I won’t last a week!”, if you are sorry for your sins, you will be forgiven!

You will never be ready to be perfect in front of God, at least not in this world. There are no perfect people. There are people who don’t fall into mortal sin, yes, but even so they are not perfect-- and if they were, they’d have no use for confession!

Keep seeking absolution and keep a penitent heart. When you are wracked with guilt afterwards, you’ll know that you really want to change. It won’t happen in a year, probably. But maybe by the second year you will find that the sin has gone… it will still be there in the back of your mind somewhere, but you will resist it as mere temptation.

Now go to confession!


Hi, Speakeasy. :slight_smile: I will keep you in my prayers.

I have a tendency to do a particular sin I know I shouldn’t, and I do wish I were rid of. I do it weekly, sometimes twice, thrice, or more a week. (Yes, it is, as they call it, “self-abuse”.)

It depends on one question and one alone: are you willing to try to fix the problem, if able? Some certain problems, like addictions for example (including sexual addictions), arise from chemical dependency. They can also arise because you’re trying to fill a need that is not being met. If you are able to seek help for your problems, even if it’s just finding a counselor or spiritual director to help you figure out what your spiritual health is, the Father understands, and so long as you cooperate with Him in His work, and are sincere in your apologies in the confessional, you’ll be good with Him.


There is a sweetness to wishing to “prepare yourself” for God by trying to get your life in order before going to Him, but this is misguided.

Suppose, prior to being received by an esteemed and well-loved physician in a hospital, a child exclaims, “Wait! Stop! I am in no condition for him to take me! My clothes are dirty. And look at my leg! It’s broken! Do you see my ribcage? It has two bullet wounds in it! My hair is a matty mess! I have stage three leukemia! Give me some time to straighten myself out, and then we can go to see him.”

How do you suppose people would react to this?

God is our Physician. It is upsidedown thinking for a person to try to make themselves fit prior to going to Him. We first go to the Physician precisely for the reason of being made well.

God bless.


As others have said, Reconciliation will help you strengthen your resolve not to sin! Go again, and again, and again, as much as necessary. After my first confession in many years, and my ‘deepest’ one in my entire life, last year, I received oh so many Graces to help me stay strong not to sin. I still sin, and I still fall short of the Glory of God, but with His Grace and Help, I can be strong. For the record, just the thought of a certain ‘sin’ that I have fallen to in the past is like placing drugs in front of an addict…*nearly * impossible to resist. Praise Him that strengthens me, that forgives me and my weakness.

Now, there will be times, that you must take care not to be prideful in those Graces, not to assume that you can place yourself in near occasions of sin and be bullet proof. Pride truly does goeth before the fall, and the fall can be hard. But if that does happen, pick yourself up and go to confession again, even if it’s the next day! Each sincere confession is a defeat to the devil! We cannot win the battle or the war, but God can. Praise to Him Lord God Almighty!

I have blogged about some different experiences with confession on my blog that might help you:

I wrote this prayer as well, and offer it in prayer for you.
I come to you, a sinner, and beg of your forgiveness.
Forgive all my sins and do not hold them against me.
I am weak without You, o Lord.
I need You, my Lord.
You are my everything; let me cleanse my heart for you.
Please Lord be my strength and my rock.
Stand between me and Satan.
Our Savior, Jesus Christ, please send your mother, Mary, to my side, as the devil fears her and her love for You.
I am weak, Lord. I am unworthy. Please forgive all my sins that I have presented to you, especially those of which I’m most contrite, for they are the most evil.
With you, my Lord, I will find peace in my heart.


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