Wanting to have visions or speak to heavenly host

Hello. So I want to have a vision or to actually meet Mother Mary, Jesus or speak to a saint. I’m also wondering if anyone has meet or spoken to any of them. I know it’s a long shot but if someone has a tip that helps them or had an experience let me know. Thank you.

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If you desire to experience such things remember the devil just might try to trick you making you think it’s God speaking or an angel ect.

Just a thought of some things that might help against that:1. Pray concerning that. 2. Learn your faith via reading the bible/Catechism ect.

Also please learn about the difference of public vs private revelation.


I’d reccomend to speak to a priest about that desire.
If you want … Pray for God to speak to you and to show you visions.

(Catholics if I said anything wrong correct me please.)


Also please consider to pray not to get pride from such experiences


Also maybe get a notebook. If God speaks to you (in however way. Verbal or not) you can write down what He says and date it. :slightly_smiling_face::sunflower:

We’d all love to have these experiences, but it’s God’s decision whether to let us have them. Also, God generally causes such things for the increase of faith, not just because we think it would be a nice experience to have.

You should focus on praying and being close to God and after a while you won’t care whether you actually get to talk to a saint (outside of in prayer) or not.

We see and meet Jesus in the flesh at every Mass.


We don’t always get what we want. A better approach is to pray to the Lord and say ‘grant what you will, as much as you will, when you will’. God knows the heart.


That’s something that only God would decide. Being really holy and full of sanctifying grace helps, and praying I’m sure but God decides who and when receives these things. Remember a lot of the saints who had visions did not seek these things out. Jesus or Mary etc would often find them humbly tending to the world in loving ways. Jesus loves smallness. Lots of holy people don’t have visions though… that’s just a different gift God sometimes uses as he chooses.


I would simply continue in your prayer life. Pray, work, and live a good catholic life. Typically visions or revelations aren’t just an everyday occurrence. If you look at the lives of the saints, whenever they received these gifts they a lot of time don’t want them. Because they want to avoid the praise and recognition that typically accompanies it. They didn’t seek after these things, God ordained for them to receive them. It’s not always the best idea to go chasing after these things, because the devil can use these desires against you if you aren’t careful.


Visions don’t necessarily make your life better or easier. Look at the Fatima children or St Bernadette of Lourdes.


I remember telling my mom this as a child. Her reply? Those who get visions also usually have much more hardship & suffering in their life too. Never wanted to see Jesus or Mary this side of eternity after that!


No visions just dreams, which are products of our imagination…

That said, while I found them interesting, they weren’t anything I requested. Mostly they involved me being instructed to point others in Heaven’s direction. And so I clumsily do, although I’m not a trained apologist/teacher and have no idea if I’ve ever successfully influenced anyone to be obedient to Christ.

St. John of the Cross and St. Teresa of Avila both (wisely) counsel that we should NEVER ask for these extraordinary graces, and if we get them, we should reject them, because as a previous poster said, they could be Satan or another fallen angel in disguise. These are “graces freely given” and as a general rule, are A) extremely rare, and B) occur in the heights of the Teresian interior castle. I would strongly advise you to put away these desires and focus on the ordinary means of grace and sanctification: prayer, sacraments, and virtue. In other words, pray every day, celebrate the sacraments regularly (Eucharist and confession) and live a life of virtue, beginning with the cardinal virtues of prudence, justice, temperance, and fortitude.


Nice to see you on here, Father buc_fan33. Hope all is going well for you.

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Please, get to a good Spiritual Director. It is not wise to seek apparitions.

Fr Groeschel’s book “A Still Small Voice” is a good book to read.

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St Teresa of Avila said that God speaks to us best, in the depth of our souls.
It is where words are not used as much as intuition of what God want’s to communicate to you.

That being said, Fr Thomas Keating said that when we become aware that God has given us a new revelation or insight, we should not dwell on what it as we’ll usually end up distorting what He said. Words usually can not describe the experience and the grace God has given us. Also, we have already received what what God wills at that moment. Dwelling on it will not increase the experience.

Move on and let the grace God has given you transform you.

‘For a man’s merits are not measured by many visions or consolations, or by knowledge of the Scriptures, or by his being in a higher position than others, but by the truth of his humility, by his capacity for divine charity, by his constancy in seeking purely and entirely the honor of God, by his disregard and positive contempt of self, and more, by preferring to be despised and humiliated rather than honored by others.’ -The Imitation of Christ

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Be careful what you ask for. To whom much is given much is required.


I have learned that God is gonna slap you upside the head with His own specialness when you least expect it, and when He’s good and ready.

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The Teresian interior castle . . . How nice to know that phrase!

I suspect that someone desiring to have extraordinary mystical experiences would be the last person to have them. When such events happen, as they did at such places like Lourdes and Fatima, those who experienced them had no expectation that it would happen, to say the least.

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