Wanting to know if this is an example of partial or full consent


I was wondering on full consent and partial consent, so if a person was looking for cute images like clothes, animals or pokemon for fun and went on a website and knew that their might be bad images and looked anyway and saw one and deleted that website because they wanted to see cute images and not porn images. would that be partial or full consent for something. Also full consent is mortal sin and partial consent is venial.


What exactly are “cute images for fun”? To me it sounds like this person fully knew there was a possibility of finding porn to be blunt.


I mean like cute clothes and cute pictures of pokemon or something like that or maybe animals


I’m confused, sorry. Is English your native language?


Yes my native language is english, I’ll put a clarification


Many search engines have what is called “safe search” and if you’re just searching for Pokemon or Baby Animals there is very little chance of ending up on porn. Accidents happen, try to avoid them.


So that would be an accident and not a mortal sin or something?


Seems like it, but only you and God know what is in your heart. God bless.


OP, you have terrible scrupulousity and should stop posting here immediately, as previously states, and see a priest and psychologist for help. I urge no further replies to worsen this disorder. God Bless!


She’s scrupulous. You won’t get anywhere. :grinning:


No it is not a sin. Peace be with you.


Yeah, but she’s young, and I wish the best for her. It didn’t waste any of my time trying to help a bit. God bless.


God Bless!


You are asking the same thing again?


A diff question on that same questions thing but never got to ask I wasnt able to ask on that one cause chat ended


Was I? All I’m saying is you’re getting too hung up over the alleged sinfulness of minor stuff.


Okay, sorry my bad


If it persists, talk to a priest. He’ll know what to do.


Okay thx, not sure when I can get to one tho


Local parish priest, after mass. Works every time. Just tell him you have scrupulousity, if this excess worry about sin you exhibit on this forum extends to real life. He’ll help you and guide you. God Bless!

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