wanting to sin

A few days ago I felt I thought ‘if I did have the chance to be with a woman this evening, I would do it’. Because of this I entered a sex chat site. I’ve been there more often, and I come there just to to talk to people and maybe ending up with a woman, not having the idea of wanting sex. But like I said, this time was different. It didn’t seem to work and counld’t find the right person. At that point I also decided that it is better not to continue searching (if I really wanted it to happen, there would always be a way to call an escort service for example) because it is better not to because it would drive me away from God.

As from what I understood, is wanting this sin to happen, still a mortal sin, even if I was unable to carry it out. But because I was unable to carry it out in a period of time, it also made me realize it is better not to look for having sex. If you want to talk to someone, just don’t talk about sexual stuff. And I never did sent a text like ‘I want to sleep with you tonight’ or any kind, I even was very careful with the kind of images that flow around on that kind of chatboxes. In my profile name I mostly put things like ‘it would be nice to have children with someone’ or ‘to make someone pregnant’. Is it a bad idea to put a statement like that? I mean, I don’t mean i want to make someone pregnant this evening, but rather mean I want to find someone with whom I can have children with.

I always had a problem with masturbation, but thank God I have been able to overcome this for the last month and I certainly don’t want to do it, because of the damage it causes.

So my question, did I commit a mortal sin because of wanting to have sex in the first place, but without being able to carry it out in the period I wanted it, before I realized it wasn’t such a good idea after all? Can I take communion as I would normally do? When having doubts is it a good idea to continue with taking communion?

Do you really feel worthy receiving the body, blood, soul and divinity of Our Lord who was spotless yet suffered and died for us so we can be free from sin. I would go to Confession for that.

tektonik - i think you’re right. If you aren’t quite sure how ‘bad’ things are, just consider if you think you are worthy enough. If you think not, it’s better to confess.

Next sunday i’ll be at mass where also a priest will be, because there will be mass. I’ll talk to him if I can confess right away.

If I made any of those kinds of statements, I would feel a need to go to confession before going to communion. You need to take those off your profile.

Further, look at this whole computer. Seems it’s getting used to hook up with women. So, you might want to rethink the entire computer thing, since it seems to be putting you into “near occasion of sin” (temptation).

We are told to avoid occasions for sin, that if our eye causes us to sin, pluck it out. Well, if your computer is causing you to sin…better to stop going online altogether, than risk losing your soul or the soul of another.

When you do have relationships, make sure they are clean, pure, and innocent. In fact, rather than searching for love on the internet, maybe a better place would be at a Church event or something more serious.

Yes, but temptation itself is not a sin.

I commend you on overcoming your masturbation problem. I’m not trying to come down on you as I know the temptation is there, especially in today’s world, but I tell you as a brother in Christ to please do your best to fight the temptation of looking for sex. I know that it’s easier said than done, especially in today’s world where sex without consequences is promoted and glorified. Sex outside of marriage is not God’s plan for us, and by making a valid attempt to look for it, you are separating yourself from God’s plan, which will hinder you in one form or another. All of us are going to be tempted, so that’s not a sin, but because you have engaged in speech with the intent to commit sin/further sin, then you’ve placed yourself in a state of mortal sin. I know how bad this feels and how it seems like the urges continue/won’t go away, so please pray for God’s intercession. Don’t take communion until you’ve made a good confession.

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