War declared on U.S. religious freedom.

Tina Korbe has written an excellent article that all religious people, especially Catholics, should read: “Obama’s War on Religious Liberty; It’s Not Just the Contraception Mandate,” which can be viewed at: hotair.com/greenroom/archives/2012/08/01/obamas-war-on-religious-liberty-its-not-just-the-contraception-mandate/

We ignored the sniper shots, to our own peril; it is now apparent that religious freedom and the sanctity of the family unit are in the crosshairs.

On 1-19-12, Pope Benedict XVI warned U.S. Catholics of “grave threats” to religious freedoms, just a day before we were hit with the contraception mandate volley that became effective yesterday.

Korbe chronologically dates the shots that have flown, as outlined in the book, No Higher Power, by Phyllis Schlafly and George Neumayr. They were there, all along, but timidity in the face of political correctness has caused us great harm, dealing our ability to practice our faith a terrible blow… Where were the keepers of our hearths? We’ve been hit, and we’re bleeding.

Obama did not declare war on woman. This is such silly article. You don’t want abortions, but you don’t allow contraception. Take your head and hate out of your backside orifice.

The only proven method of preventing unwanted pregnancy is not having sex. :shrug: And Catholics don’t want to ban contraceptives, per se, we just refuse to pay for them for other people in line with our conscience. If you want to have sex, buy your own contraceptives.

IMO, I could not say I’m a Catholic or practice faith and vote for Obama in the next election. Every Catholic must examine their conscious and understand he stands for anti-Christian values and mores. This man and his cronies are out to destroy the American way of Christian beliefs. Support Chick-fil-A!

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