War Of The Worlds and "victory in humility"

Anyone else agree this is the main theme of H.G.Welles masterpiece?

It appears to me, the Narrator survives because he is humbled by the sheer force of the Martians. As much as Parsons Natheniel tries to put a religious spin on things he’s really full of pride(and is rather like a pastor who blames our sins for acts of nature). He turns delusional. But likewise and for the complete opposite reason, the Artilleryman also allows his mind to be twiseted by an insane(and alternative) belief that science was held back by religion which the narrator realizes also would end up putting himself in the same danger and so he leaves the man to dig his own grave wrongly thinking it was his salvation.

In the end I think Welles intended to leave his readership wondering if the last line is figurative and/or literal. The Martians were killed by the smallest of all creatures, that were created in all of his infinite wisdom by God.

I think Welles may have really meant that last line to leave the reader wondering if God exists, because of the beautiful order of the world in which we exist,which I think Welles, an Agnostic, was himself pondering.

To me the movies are nothing like the book.
The book has a good story to it I think and the movies cut some of it out.

Of the Adaptations to other media, without a doubt, Jeff Wayne’s Musical is the most interesting and complete.

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