War or not war.

Would it be right to go to war with a country, to protect another country? Like for example the Vietnam war. The US stepped in to help vietname fight against the communists, was that right?

Jesus could have used violence, he could have summoned a cohort of angels, but he did not. Because some things are “ok”, and some things are “excellent”. Maybe there are some times in which it is ok to go to war.

That’s why the Catechism has the Just War reasoning within it. In terms of wars america has been in there hasn’t been a just war since world war 2. Vietnam was not a just war.

Vietnam was an unjust war that was a tragedy for all sides involved during and after the conflict, as well as for Americans at home.



America joined in not to help anyone but through fear of the Soviet Union.

Do you feel it is right to murder a neighbour of yours if you felt he may murder a different neighbour?

Not an accurate analogy. The Soviet Union *was *intent on conquering or usurping nation after nation and turning each into an atheistic vassal of the Soviet empire.

So, if a neighbor ten houses down the street from you is murdering each of his neighbors sequentially, heading down the row of houses towards your own, is it right to go to the sixth house down from yours and help that person fight the aggressive neighbor when he arrives at that house?

That answer is yes.

God bless you.

I would say yes.

The experience of Communist dictatorship in the 20th century had shown that any Communist regime was going to enact mass slaughter and oppression.

Fighting against a Communist takeover was and is always Just.

God Bless

Deep breath folks. This kind of thing can get passionate very quickly.

There are many reasons for war. Some are good and some are bad. If Iran (for some reason) declared Jihad on Greece with the intent to exterminate the people there, it would be just for others to step in. If the Arabs in Iraq decided to exterminate the Kurds, it would be just for others to step in (again). If Egypt decided to exterminate or force the conversion of it’s Copts, that would be (and is) just cause for war. If America wanted Saudi Arabia’s oil, that would NOT be just cause for war. War for profit is not ok. War for freedom is. War for justice sometimes is. War for peace is sometimes not. Pax.

I know that it can get very passionate, that’s why my last post was as short as it was. :flowers::tiphat:

I wonder if the 2.5 million people slaughtered by communists once we left felt that it was unjust.

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