War profiteering


War profiteering isn’t intrinsically evil, is it?


Interesting question. Companies that are needed to win a war do deserve whatever profits they make. Companies that are part of the defense industry, the same. But there have been cases when some companies tried to take advantage of certain situations to make a bigger profit. Often, the military cannot use off the shelf equipment. It often has to survive conditions that store-bought items were not designed for.



I must admit that I would be a little squeamish going before the Lord telling him my main labour of life was in the making of things that killed as many people as it could. Indeed that my main pride was seen as a manufacturer of the most efficient killing tool for the cheapest manufacturing price. Just doesn’t sound like something He will be delighted with.
At least I could point out that I never personally pulled the trigger, just made millions of triggers for those who did.
I think I would even prefer to tell Him I was a merchant banker.




I can only answer from a personal opinion (please correct if not in line with Catechismal teaching), but I would say it is not *intrinsically *wrong, although the possibility of profit most likely has a tendency to compound war.

The issue probably has to be reduced to the question of whether the war is immoral in the first place before the specifics can be discussed.


What is your definition of war profiteering? A lot of profits that come as a consequence of the war can be very moral others can be very immoral. Remember that for an act to be moral three conditions must be met proper intent, morally goog or neutral, and right circumstances.


It really depends on what you consider “war profiteering”. Making money by selling bulletproof vests isn’t immoral. On the other hand selling weapons to Boko Haram would be.

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