Warm weather equals to people out bothering

Maybe it is because I live in an area that is heavily Catholic, maybe it is because there are about a half a dozen different churches who’s parking lots aren’t as full as their neighboring Catholic Church; but it seems like I get bothered A LOT.
I put this here because I didn’t know where else to put it. I don’t want to get into an apologetics argument with the Mormons, JWs, and the like. I just want them to stop bothering me.
I kindly tell them that I am a happy Catholic, and that I’m not going to change my church or religion. How do I stop them from coming back over and over again, without having an ugly looking "No Soliciting " sign on the door? I’m sure this doesn’t happen to just Catholics, and maybe some former people who used to go out with these groups can give me the magic words to get them from coming back. Obviously, I’m not doing something right.

Go buy the largest outdoor statue of Our Lady you can afford, put as close to the front door as possible and drape one or more rosaries on it. When the pests come to call, thank them for coming, hand them a copy of “Pillar Fire Pillar of Truth” or picture of Pope Francis (or both) and tell you can’t talk now, but if they come back you can all pray the rosary together; you would be thrilled to show them how. :wink:

Many years ago, a Bishop in Salt Lake Utah had a door knocker given to each Catholic family in his Diocese that said " This is a ROMAN CATHOLIC HOME". I thought it was a pretty good idea. Firm, but not rude.

You can get a vinyl decal that says the same and place it on your door.
God bless.

You could suggest that you start your talk with a prayer and then insist upon beginning by blessing them in the name of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

I know atheists who have posted signs similar to this on their doors;

I also love another person’s suggestion of handing out a pamphlet of my own. As in, “thank you so much for dropping by, here is a pamphlet that I think you’ll find interesting”.

Or, you could draw a chalk outline of a person on your sidewalk and leave some of their pamphlets strewn about…:shrug:

My late husband used to scare them away…I won’t say how, but it WAS effective…

I prefer the little sign or sticker saying “This is A Roman Catholic Home.”
That usually causes people to walk away. They figure we’re beyond hope, LOL.

If I see them through the door, I just don’t answer. I don’t make any attempts to hide. You are under no obligation to talk to anyone if you don’t want to.

It sounds like you’re being too nice. You need to be courteous but firm in turning them down. Thank them, tell them you aren’t interested, and then close the door before they have a chance to respond. They are working in sales and the first rule of sales is to never take the first no.

I used to know someone who wasn’t even Christian, but she had a statue of Mary by the front door. She said it worked like a charm - no one ever bothered her. :wink:

I used to get them all the time (yes, at the rectory, of all places).

One day, I hung a crucifix (about 10 inches, so not too big to be gaudy) on the door at eye-level, right where any door knocker would see it. That was just after Easter last year. It might be coincidence, but I haven’t had a single one who knocked (that I’m aware) and the JWs stopped leaving their pamphlets stuffed into the door.

You could take some blessed chalk (ask your priest) and write
20 + G + M + B + 14
above the crucifix as well.
That might outright scare them away! :thumbsup:

Why waste an opportunity to talk to a fellow human being who is actually trying to do the Lord’s work, just confused on the details? Give them a Catholic pamphlet- I’m sure you can find something online or from your church- explaining Catholicism and why it’s true, bless them and say goodbye. If you’re really busy, tell them you cannot spare a moment because you are busy.

Maybe I just don’t go out enough- but I wish sometimes I’d have people knock and that I had an opportunity to talk to them about Jesus.

What does that mean?

Glad I’m not the only one confused…


It’s the Epiphany marking.

The 20 and 14 at the ends are the calendar year.

The letters are for the 3 magi, Gaspar, Melchior and Balthazar.

I don’t have to tell you what the crosses mean. :wink:

I probably am being too nice. I don’t want to sound mean. I didn’t realize that they are in sales per se.

I like the idea about the sign saying that my home is Catholic. It would be an easy trip to Hobby Lobby.

I have a statue of the Blessed Mother next to the rose bushes near my front door and they’ve stayed away. Try that or a little statue of a Saint or something but Mary is best, everyone recognizes her.

I have panic disorder, among other mental illnesses. I have such bad anxiety that sometimes I have to leave Mass in the middle of it. Talking to strangers, especially when it isn’t planned, bothers me a great deal.

This is what I am planning to do… Get pamphlets from your church regarding Mass times, etc. Have them at home. When they show up at the door, simply tell them that you are unfortunately very busy at the moment but would be really happy to explain to THEM all about your Faith. Hand them a pamphlet which has the address. Tell them you’ll be able to explain this in great detail at whatever Mass you plan to attend and give them the time. And then tell them, btw Father “_____” will be there to answer any questions you may have that I might not be able to answer. :smiley: If your parish doesn’t have pamphlets, simply write the address on an index card and tell them to meet you at that time!

Oh. I relate, to a degree (the sound of the telephone or doorbell always makes my heart pound). Then maybe obvious signs of your Catholic faith will be enough to dissuade people. Such as laminating pictures of the Divine Mercy and Our Lady of Guadelupe to a piece of wood and hung on your front door. These can be ordered for free (and they are blessed) from:

Family Prayer Night
3726 Birchwood Road
Kettle River, MN 55757


There is no such thing as “too nice” for people who follow the God of Love…
But by the same token one needs to be firm in their faith and may not wish not be bothered in their own home by door to door solicitation of any kind…

I like the idea about the sign saying that my home is Catholic. It would be an easy trip to Hobby Lobby.



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