Warm words greet Syrian families at St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church in Omaha


The sounds of Arabic and the rhythms of Middle Eastern music filled a social hall at St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church on Sunday afternoon.

The Omaha church hosted an event to welcome Syrian families that have arrived in Omaha in the past year.

“We are so, so happy you are here in Omaha and could join us today,” Kaela Volkmer, an organizer of the event, said to the gathering. “You are all a blessing to our city. Your presence makes us stronger and makes us better.”



This is what true Christianity looks like.


My exact words.


Many Americans are spoiled.They do not know,how it is to be poor and being marginalized in a third world country,as they never have the oppotunity to travel outside the usa.people,who immigrated here illegally,do not care about breaking the laws,as most of them are uneducated.they only want to have a better future for their family,or at least to have food on their table on a consistent basis.they take jobs,no white or black americans will take.many posters here just care about abortion,they dont care about other human beings ,who just want to survive.im sure many posters here despise what these true christian/jewish leaders did to these refugees,as they are not as white,as them.they profess to be devout catholics ,but their action (posts here)do not .i read them and just shake my head,as theyre like bannon catholicism.its likely jesus is weeping for the plight of these refugees and so with those undocumented immigrants,who are not criminals and are being terrorized by the current president,who is the most hated man in this planet,from all walks of life.im travelling in different countries right now and never meet anyone,who likes the current administration.never in my life of traveling globally for decades ,ive been question about politics,until this time.it is very disheartening to see one man could terrorize millions of lives.this is not the essence of christianity,this is pure evil!


Were these families properly vetted to make sure they are not a danger?

If so, welcome to America.


I have the same thoughts. And I also heard lots of bad things against Trump from outside the US, and that was BEFORE he took office. Except my nephew in Singapore, who told us in Dec he thought Trump might be good (his wife and mother disagreed with that).

RE vz71’s question of whether the Syrian families discussed in the OP had been vetted, from what I’ve heard & read, we have very strong vetting procedures, esp after they arrested the 2 Iraqi refugees in Bowling Green in 2011 who had done things against the US in Iraq. It’s not like the refugee situation in Europe where the refugees were overflowing their borders and needed immediate assistance. (And you may be surprised to know Europeans are perhaps more racist than Americans; we have a niece in France (of Indian origin, but a French citizen) who does the same work as the French, only better, but gets half the salary.)

However, it seems if at all we are to be victims here in the US of terrorism (aside from being victims of, say, white supremacist or “patriot militia” terrorism as in the Oklahoma City bombing) it is more likely from people who have become radicalized here and/or have serious psychological/interpersonal issues (like the Orlando attacker). So it doubly behooves us to be kind and welcoming to all people, really engage them as friends or neighborly neighbors, esp those who do not look or speak like us.

Actually that is very good in 3 ways – it is the Christian thing to do; it might help any hostility they are developing (bec there will be jerks out there who are mean to them, pushing them to go off the edge); and we can get a sense if they are okay or something might be bothering them. Like make them a pound cake and take it to their homes, have them invite you in. Then invite them into your homes. Really get to know them…


Exactly. It’s not too much to demand.


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