Warning: 'Antichrist' movie tricking Christians

Posted: March 25, 2009
10:05 pm Eastern
An online movie documenting the close ties between ancient pagan religions and today’s Christianity is “antichrist” in nature, destroying the faith of believers by combining some astonishing truth with plenty of error. That’s the claim of a Christian historian and author who, ironically, has himself been educating the public about the impact heathen sun worship has had on traditional Christianity. “Zeitgeist,” a 2007 documentary written and narrated by Peter Joseph, a freelance film editor, composer and producer in New York City, literally meaning “spirit of the time,” was released on DVD and the Internet has been viewed more than 50 million times on Google Video, and more than 100 million times on other formats and public screenings. “Part One” of the movie explores similarities between today’s Christianity and ancient cultures that worshipped sun gods by a variety of different names. It concludes Jesus of Nazareth is merely a fictional character, a combination of many fabled solar messiahs. …

. Religion is the largest promoter of this propaganda, for the ‘us and them’ or ‘good and evil’ mentality promotes this false assumption."


Basically, what a load of “you know what”…
Proposal of a world currency…the US President trying to get more “power” than allowed by the US Constitution…attack of anti-religious groups…“Keep the Faith” strong everyone…

After reading above through the history of all the false messiahs, I think it’s amazing the lengths Satan has gone through to try to fool us and I thank God that Satan wasn’t able to completely obscure the truth with his schemes.

This is old news.

Sorry to take up your time but it is the first time I hvae head of this movie and website…my apologies to you.

i also happened to see the article about this today. i watched part 1 with the sound muted, as my grandson was sleeping, but i got the idea of what they were trying to say.

for some people who are weak in faith or for people who don’t have a strong foundation in christianity, this documentary could be very dangerous.

it seems like the attacks on christianity get stronger as time goes on. people try their best to make Jesus a myth and to try to persuade people to reject the christian religion.

for most of us, it only makes our faith stronger.

But Satan did and still does fool most people out there.

The movie is chock a block full of conspiracy theories and absurdities. I watched it one afternoon after my son found it when researching the Federal Reserve system.
Anyone can apparently put anything on the internet no matter how full of wrong thinking it is.
Advise friends and family not to watch it.

BTW one of the cited speakers in it who will remain nameless also believes that Queen Elizabeth and George Bush among many others are really aliens whose true nature and visage is more reptile-like.

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