(Warning) Britney Spears & Catholic Mockery

Warning, pictures may or may not be appropriate for young eyes.

Anyone discussed this yet? Apparently the photos of Britney making a kinky “confession” are related to her new album coming out, Blackout.


This peeves me so much. I used to feel really sorry for Britney, and I hoped she would get better what with all the bad things that have been happening in her life. I must say my sympathy levels are rapidly dropping. Not to mention it seems like all she does nowadays is try and steal from other artists like Madonna, Michael Jackson, etc.

Does this bother anyone else?

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I don’t like it but I can’t honestly say that I still have a visceral, negative feeling about it like I used to. These people just do this sort of stuff so often now I’ve come to expect it. I guess I’m de-sensitized.

You should still feel sorry for her.

That is just pathetic.

I think that she might have some sort of mental disorder. No, I am not trying to be cruel, just honest. This makes me pity her to much to feel anything beyond intense sadness at her actions. I really feel pity for her two boys, though. :frowning: She seems determined to destroy herself.

She is trying to be Madonna- and it’s not working.

She is an example that you can hold out to your daughters though. This is what happens when all a young woman has to give is her sexuality. That alone should deter young woman from copying her behavior.

I’m not surprised. I doubt she’s ever had a good role model in her life, and she doesn’t appear to currently have the rational judgement or mental fitness to make good decisions.

I really feel sorry for her sons. Do those babies have any chance at a normal childhood?

I hate to say it, but it looks like K-Fed may be the Daddy the kids need. Perhaps he is just outshadowed by Brit’s craziness, but you really don’t see him making the tabloids. :shrug:

Yeah…I remember making the comment that the Apocalypse was nigh because I agreed that the kids were better off with K-Fed as the sole custodial parent. :shrug:

K-Fed may not be the greatest parent, but at least he can take care of the kids even if it’s a minimum.

A mother promoting her sexuality, crashing into cars, getting drunk and getting videod without underwear and all that press, britney is on the path to committing suicide fairly soon.

Why should anyone feel sorry for her?

My question is - and I haven’t seen this explained clearly anywhere - is the “priest” in the photos an actor or real priest? I of course assume he’s an actor but that has not been stated anywhere I’ve seen.

This woman’s life has imploded. Best thing we can do for her is pray. I truly believe she is on the verge of suicide.

The next Anna Nicole Smith story in the making.

Well I’m guessing she was fed up with the goody two shoes stuff that she was supposed to be promoting.

Saw her on an interview over here, she was supposedly clean cut, but overtime she has been influenced by Madonna, and Paris, she needs to stay away from them.

She has gone downhill sadly, too bad because she has a great voice but in her desire to get rid of her good girl image she has plunged to the depths, and mocking the Church might bring her more bad luck.

I hope she snaps out of it, the good girl image may be boring to some, but I’d rather have the old Britney any-day, she is on a slippery slope.

I’m horrified. But, I’ve never liked her. Years ago (when she was supposedly still a goody-goody) I thought the photos in her fan mags were a bit much for the teeny-bopper girls who were supposed to be her fans. She’s gone downhill for sure, but she wasn’t ever very far up the slope.

There are definate advantages to never listening to pop music!

It’s been proven that if a song or a film is “banned” by the Catholic Church (whether officialy or unoffically) it will sell more to the secular market. The bigger the up-roar, the bigger the sales and the more popular it becomes. What we need to do is show our pity, concern and Love for this poor mixed-up little girl. She needs our prayers, not our criticism and judgement. And after all, someone who is seen as “pitiful” will never sell albums, they just sell themselves short.

Jesus Save Britney. She needs you! She needs Love!

I don’t feel sorry for her, and it has nothing to do with those pictures. I think she’s just down right trashy. How can a women treat her children like garbage? I just hope the jugde does the right thing and does not give her back custody.

I’m not suprised in the least. From getting married, to having babies, to making light of celibacy, everything that woman does is purely for publicity . I’m only disappointed that she’s so uncreative that she has to be a Madonna wanna-be. That girl needs to grow up.

We Catholics need to ignore her. This is just her way of getting free publicity. In Hollywood any kind of publicity is good publicity. The less fuss we make out of this, the less Britney will gain from it.

I do admitt that it makes me angry.I guess Catholicism is too easy to pick on.Few religious items are as identifiable as a Roman collar. Sitting on the lap of a man in a yamaka and locks doesn’t make the same statement as sitting on the lap of a man in a collar.


Plus, she’s already gone through her “Jewish” phase- wasn’t she part of the Hollywood Kabbalah group?

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