Warning: Holy Content Evangelizing Through Rap

“Some people say why you doin that? Raps the devils step-child, its a little ugly brat!”

When people first hear about my use of rap music as a way of telling the story of Christ, their first question is, “are you trying to use it at Mass, will you rap your homily?” This is a very easy question to answer. NO, I am not promoting the use of rap in the Liturgy and NO, I will not rap my homily. BUT, I will use it for every other event such as retreats, prayer meetings, and talks to speak about Christ! I simply want to bring the Gospel message to my generation in a language young people will understand.

The Hip-Hop culture has made a huge impact in the world since it’s arrival in the early 1980s. Today, the influence of hip-hop culture is everywhere. Rap the music of this culture has reached every nation. Music can have a very powerful impact on the minds of people. Nowadays the mainstream rap music we hear on the radio is all about sex, drugs, money and greed. Rap is being used as a way to glorify a sinful lifestyle. So my response to this is, why not use rap in a positive way to promote peace, true love and unity?

Rap is a beautiful form of poetry, to tell a story in five minutes by weaving words together in a dynamic way is powerful! My hope is to bring the Gospel to all nations, by using rap music according to God’s will."

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This is a good start to reach the young minds:)

You’re just going to be like Father Stan Fortuna,the rapping priest.

And I love your album cover and about the warning sign:D

God bless you in your journey

Thank you
Please let us continue to keep each other in prayer in our journey towards God.

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