Warning - Occult Group sweeping the globe


Just want to bring to your attention this occult group that is spreading like wildfire accross the globe.

I had a friend who was involved in it and it was really scary. She ended up having demon problems in her house, marital problems, and the list goes on. It has taken lots of prayer and renounciation to free her and her family and finally they are at peace.

Please pray against it and also watch out for it and warn people.

Keep in mind that they focus on bringing in people with brain injuries and so forth so these people are vulnerable. Some key points to help you identify them:

  1. They call themselves “Frequencies of Brilliance” or “Amanae”
  2. The person in the video on you tube attached started this organization.
  3. From what I understand they get their “energy” from huge gigantic crystals aligned in a grid pattern strategically placed accross the globe according to longitude and latitude. They are based out of Mpls MN.
  4. Every so often they have ceremonies around these crystals that supposedly recharge them and also other people can bring smaller crystals to recharge them.
  5. They get their “information” and “teachings” from pliadiens who are supposedly aliens from another planet. My friend who used to be involved in this said that they told her that the pliadians laugh at our God as he is a lower level being according to them
  6. They draw in people who are disabled in any way and they have had healings here and there so people are buying into it.
  7. They believe in a self diefication sort of philosophy where you can learn telepathy, to talk to spirits, to talk to the pliadians, to protect the earth all by focusing on your own inner energies.
  8. They have been known to rent out chapels in christian churches for their ceremonies!

This is no joke and some serious prayers need to be said. Unfortunately I know alot of people involved and all are miserable and struggling with lots of problems but are completely blind to the cause. We need to pray that the veil is lifted and they are brought forth to see the truth for what it is.

Here is a video of the person who started it. If you watch it please pray for protection first:

Here is more information about this cause to help you focus your prayers: frequenciesofbrilliance.us/USApractition.html

Please join me in praying for those who are being mislead into this. Thanks!


Crystals must not be much help to people if PEOPLE have to recharge them.

This sounds so silly it will soon enough implode under the weight of its own folly.


It does sound silly but you would be amazed how big this is getting. Google it.


It’s a new age movement that’s been around a few decades. I’ve heard of them a long time ago, and looking at the start of the video, I remember reading about that group somewhere (maybe Coast to Coast AM or something like that? - that’s kind of like a sci-fi tabloids. :shrug: ). I think they claimed to be “walk-ins” (i.e., a spirit supposedly decides to take over a person at random), or they “take control of your hand to write”, which sounds more like being possessed to me.


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