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I have a house being built and was wondering if anyone believes in “signs” pointing toward or away from something. First, I love the community this house is in, but am wondering if I should ask for an already built house and have them stop working on the custom designed house I have signed the contract for (they have done this in the past with other residents when emergencies came up and residents needed a place sooner than their house would be available). Also, there is just the framing right now, all the choices/customized options have not been installed yet. There is also a house that’s relatively the same price that is available immediately. So here the warning “signs” are for my custom home:

My attorney is called up for Iraq starting right around the closing date

My employer won’t be available to verify employment around the closing date (she’ll be out of town on vacation)

One of the construction workers fell on his head when putting up the framing.

When walking through, the temporary front door had the word “evil” written on it.

Not to mention, who knows how the mortgage industry will change within the next month and a half (standards seem to be getting tighter weekly, yet I still, as of today, qualify).

What would you do? Ask to move in earlier into the already built home, or take the risk of something else going wrong? Would you take these “signs” as a warning or just as an obstacle? I’m usually not superstitious, but this is my first home and well, I’m already overly worried, having this added to my worries, well, just doesn’t seem to help.


The one thing that stood out to me is that you do not know if you will still “qualify” in the next few weeks. If there is a chance you are getting in over your head, that you will be stretching to afford this house, it would be wise to re-think.


if you cannot be on hand to supervise construction regularly, buy the existing house if you can get out of this contract w/o a penalty. read the fine print even if they assure you this is true.


I do not believe in the types of “signs” you relate.

However, I do think you should rethink your situation if you are concerned about being able to afford it. Losing some earnest money is better than getting in over your head.


Oh, I more than qualify, it’s just that the industry standards keep changing weekly, and half of the loans I qualified for even a month ago (when standards were alreay pretty tight) I no longer qualify for because the standards have become even tighter. Believe me, they don’t allow anyone to get in over their heads right now. Heck, even my mortgage broker said that she can’t honestly answer many of my question about timetables because every week something significant changes. Heck, when I first talked to her the credit score required for a prime rate was about 650, then about two months ago it was 680, now it’s 720 (mine is in the high 700s). Even banks are tightening their standards for FHA, so, when I asy unpredictable, I mean, unpredictable to the extreme.

My worry regarding the loan is that as of now, I work for my mom (who has her own business) and so I don’t receive a paystub, but one of her personal checks weekly (I do recieve a W-2 every year and claim my income), but since it isn’t a “traditional” company, I don’t know if by closing they will not loan to those who don’t have “traditional” pay (meaning paystub that details year-to-date earnings, gross earning, net earnings, amounts paid to fed and state, etc.).


Is this your first home? You may have cold feet about it - the signs you mention do not point overwhelmingly toward this being a bad decision. Pray about it, consult a reliable priest.


Yes, it is my first home and while I don’t have cold feet about buying the home, and am known to be quite the worry wart, I guess it just seems like so many delays keep happening and then seeing the word “evil” written on the door, I don’t know…I’m probably looking too much into this or maybe it is because I was indecissive about the house that’s already built and the “custom” home where I was able to pick out all the colors and schemes.


Could be that you read the sign wrong. Evil spelled backwards is LIVE. Maybe this is where you are to live. Don’t read too much into those kind of “signs”. If you can afford it have the current site blessed by a priest. When the home is built have it blessed again. Most likely you will LIVE happily ever after.


Yeah, my money is on “worry wort.” The people who did the vandalism were just being punk, rebellious kids, and not sending you a divinely inspired message about the decision to make the house. At least as far as I can tell.


It sounds like a typical house building experience to me.

Delays, delays, more delays. Random injuries or products not being available. Last minute scrambles. Weather problems. Wrong paint color. Vandalism. Then you throw in the corners the builder will cut if you aren’t there watching like a hawk, and the hatred they’ll have for you if you are there. It sounds normal to me.

You’ll have just as many problems trying to get out the contract and move into another house. Then there will be things wrong that you’ll be constantly fighting to get them to come back and fix. It goes with buying a home.

I’d chalk it up to normal obstacles. Maybe you prayed for patience or to not worry so much and God is giving you the opportunity to work it out. There aren’t too many good things in life that come easily, so don’t take it personally.



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What would you do? Ask to move in earlier into the already built home, or take the risk of something else going wrong? Would you take these “signs” as a warning or just as an obstacle? I’m usually not superstitious, but this is my first home and well, I’m already overly worried, having this added to my worries, well, just doesn’t seem to help.



whenever u enter ur house say the SIGN OF THE CROSS

it your name I am/…



Seriously, that would freak me out a little bit, even though in my more logical moments, I don’t really believe in such signs!

You know, 35 years ago, my mom and dad built the house I grew up in. A few years ago, we were looking at photos from that time, of the basement foundation before the rest of the house was built. To our surprise, someone had written an obscene message in the wet concrete, which must have dried and is probably still under there to this day! (I can’t remember exactly what it said - something about the male organ, I believe! In any event, it wouldn’t be acceptable to repeat on this forum!) Some kids coming along and writing some weird thing had no effect on our life in that home (and our continuing life there, as mom and dad still live there.) All was and is happy and good, for the most part.

Seriously, I’m sure that’s all the “evil” is - some kids messing around!

Good luck with your new home!


I do believe in signs, but not one of those signs stood out to me as particularly insightful, or enlightening. Ok, maybe the ‘evil’ word written on the door.

If you have never read any of St Ignatius’ works, I would highly recommend you do, because he specifically speaks about thinking things through, and looking to God to lead you towards the right decision. One such way is this…is buying this house, sinful? (no) Are the ‘signs’ you are seeing screaming to you that this is a wrong decision? If you don’t choose this home, are you sinning? (no) --that’s just the first part…the second is…Will buying this new home bring me peace, or will I always be second guessing my decision?

Here’s the thing…and I believe this is true. When making life decisions like this, I believe that if we truly feel a deep sense of peace , then that is the ‘sign’ from God to move forward. If we are racked with guilt, or worry over decisions, then most likely that is the Holy Spirit telling us to move to another decision. When we moved to Florida last year, I was completely calm. It was downright eery, I was so calm, but I knew it was God’s will. I moved again a few weeks ago (still in Florida) and felt calm about our new home. If you are feeling a strong sense of uneasiness, then perhaps you should not move forward with this home. Now, decisions like yours could warrant some angst, and anticipation, but if you are truly not sleeping or worried more than you are not over this home…then, I would move on.

When in doubt, do nothing. (and wait on God):slight_smile: Good luck to you!!


I think you’re just worrying, b/c this is your first house. I’ve lived in 3 houses over the past 20 yrs, 2 of them I had built. I know the doubts that come into play when you’re building. It was all worth it for me. Lots of headaches, minds being changed about colors, & whatnot, but it was still exciting.

Ok a few questions. Are you working with a Realtor? Is so they should be able to calm your fears about the financial end of it. I mean they do want to get paid ya know. If not, you’ve been pre-qualified for the loan correct? You should b/c I know at least here where I live a builder will not start building if you’re not pre-qualified.
Has your mortgage broker discussed with you all the possibilities at trying to find the best loan out there for you?

As for your paystubs, they just want to see that you are still working at the time of close. Speaking of which when are you scheduled?
I promise you will not get all the way to closing, not knowing if you’ve got the loan or not.

And please do not feel that these are warning signs. Accidents happen everyday on construction sites. Obnoxious kids write nasty things on whatever they can find. I actually had a neighbor when they were building had to have their whole driveway redone, b/c someone carved into the wet concrete very vulgar things. That kind of stuff just happens.

Enjoy the process of picking colors, lighting, all that fun stuff. And for the most part go with your first instincts b/c you’ll drive yourself batty if you don’t. :wink:


From everything I have ever heard about anyone who had a house built, there are so many delays that both your employer and your attorney will probably be back before they are finished.
But if you want to go the other way, do it.
Prayers for the man that hit his head, ouch. I am sure that happens in that business and as others have said, probably just kids doing the vandalism.
Having a Priest bless your new home is excellent advice.


Just an update, I’m moved in and love the house (but not all the bugs I have to fight through to get to the front door on muggy days in the country). I think I was just a nervous nelly (not uncommon for me).


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