WARNING: Witness Lee aka Local Church movement has anti-Catholic agenda


Any of you encountered this group before too?
I wanted to reopen this discussion because the last posts were some years back but there’s been a Protestant (claiming non-denominational title) group called the “Local Church” started by a man in China named Witness Lee (You can google it for specifics).
I encountered some of the members in my young adult years as they tend to advertise by giving out free New Testament Bibles that only they use called the “Recovery Version” published by Living Stream Ministries. I found the members friendly and welcoming initially but when I started reading some of their books and hanging out at their church bible studies I noticed there were entire chapters and discussions dedicated to talking about how Catholicism is evil and that Catholics need to be taken out of the Church and shown the truth.
They tend to also evangelize in places like Ireland or around the Vatican where there are a high population of Catholics and feed off of modern-day’s culture hating organized religion, rules, and even stating that there’s no such thing as right or wrong, it should be based on your “feelings in your spirit”. I also have heard several criticisms that they practice Modulism.
From my personal experience many of the people I met in the group would criticize me for going to Catholic mass, tell me that the virgin Mary wasn’t more special than others in the Bible, and even told me to stop talking to my parents because they were concerned that their group was borderline cult!!!
If you have heard anything about this group or had an experience please share. And if any of your Catholic friends ever get personally invited to their meetings tell them NOT to go. This group is NOT another Protestant denomination that respects Catholic faith. They do not educate members on real history of the Church and tell everyone that the Church sells indulgences and worships statues. As a Catholic like many others who did not know my faith I easily believed them because they have a warm “community atmosphere.” But please be warned. They really just have a hidden agenda to bring others to their church (ESPECIALLY CATHOLICS) and shun people who leave their church (myself included).


i have never heard of this group.


Never heard of them


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