Warren Carrol's "History of Christendom" series

Anyone read these? Know anything about them? Like them?

I’m on the second book and finished the first one. I love history, and these are absolutely exceptional. The first book should be required reading for any theology student because it does a tremendous job of explaining the history of the Jews (which is critical to understanding the Old Testament). The second book is extremely interesting because it details the growth of the Catholic Church after Emperor Constantine legalized Christianity. Evangelicals love the idea of worshiping and living in the manner of the early Church, so converts from evangelicalism to Catholicism would especially appreciate the first book.

I especially enjoyed reading about the real history and legends on the fate of the 12 apostles. I would often wonder what happened to all of them when reading the NT. Wikipedia just doesn’t cut it for the historical detail and references given in these books.

The series of books is:
* The Founding of Christendom
* The Building of Christendom
* The Glory of Christendom
* The Cleaving of Christendom
* The Revolution against Christendom
* The Crisis of Christendom (forthcoming)

The only negative thing I’ve heard is that the 5th book recycles a lot of older material from a past book and doesn’t adequately address the causes behind the French Revolution. Perhaps this is due to the fact that Warren Carroll suffered a stroke (I think) that almost ended the series for him. I’m eagerly anticipating the last book, but there’s no word on when it’s due.

The first book also had an interesting treatment on the development of the first bronze age civilizations: the Egyptian/Nile civilization, the Harrapa/Indus Valley civilization, and the Summerian/Tigris-Euphrates civilization.

He is pretty critical of the Harrapan civilization and their dark practices and believes that elements survive in Hinduism (especially worship of Shiva). He also traces some of the philosophy of denial of non-contradiction that are latent in eastern religions to the Harrapan civilization. It is this level of detail (and not just a listing of dates and events) and commentary that make the books interesting.

Good info! Thanks very much.

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