Warren Jeffs still trying to lead FLDS church from behind bars


It’s beyond me how he is able to continue leadership from jail, or why anyone still follows this monster


I’ll say this for him, He’s consistent.


I know I don’t have many posts, even though I’ve been around a while, but this just impelled a reply. :smiley:

In a way, Jeffs can certainly be likened to a Khan-type, inasmuch as Khan was the leader of a group of people that followed his every desire and whim. Furthermore, any attempt to turn the followers away might be met with a similar response to that given to Captain Terrell when he tried to reason with Khans followers.


You read even more into my using that photo then I intended… and I agree with everything you said. Well done.


He’s not even that. Despite the fact that he renounced prophethood a few years ago, he still rules his compound in Arizona like a dictator, expecting followers to bow to his every whim.


Did he renounce his prophethood? As I understand it he only renounced his presidency in 2010. So in theory he should still be their prophet no? Since the FLDS don’t require their prophet and president to be the same person.


A lot of crime bosses lead their organizations from prison. That’s not unusual. Jeffs can use the same means to communicate with his underlings, who act on his behalf.

By the way, Jeffs has “prophesied” that the world is ending soon, since the U.S. government is mistreating God’s prophet – that’s Jeffs by the way. Stay tuned…


Yep, I heard :rolleyes:


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