Warren vows to speak out on sexism in 2020 race, after ending presidential bid

Asked by reporters about the role gender played, Warren said “gender in this race. You know that is the trap question for everyone.”

Warren remarked that “if you say ‘yeah, there was sexism in this race,’ everyone says ‘whiner.’ And if you say ‘no, there was no sexism,’ about a bazillion women think, 'what planet do you live on?’ I promise you this, I’ll have a lot more to say on that subject” later on.

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I think for Warren to blame sexism as a reason she lost seems a bit of a stretch. I certainly can’t rule it out, but she can’t ignore the policies she ran on, nor the fact she said (arguably) the single most asinine comment of the entire race (that she would have a “trans-child” vet her Sec of Education pick). The sexism claim seems to be a crutch.


But with her out of the race such thoughts might be irrelevant.

No…I really don’t want to derail this thread. Warren certainly feels that her sex was a disadvantage…I would say her disadvantage was her.

You used your “Biden its time” phrases on a different thread…keep it there. Not all threads need to be about the US “Biden its time”


Let’s be clear: the Senator believes that tens of millions of DEMOCRAT voters, men and women, are sexist.


It was also an excuse made by Kamala Harris.

The interesting thing is this: Warren said: “One of the hardest parts of this is… all those little girls who going to have to wait four more years” for a female in the White House, the senator said as she choked up." - Isn’t the expectation that the president NEEDS to be a woman…kind of sexist?


I don’t know, given that all presidents have been men there is certainly some evidence that could be used to support the viewpoint.

I know of churches local to my area that also say that a woman should not be president since that would give her authority over men. Interpretations of 1 Timothy 2:12 has played a role in limiting opportunities for women.


I think a lot of people would most certainly vote for a woman for president…its just they didn’t want Clinton or Warren or Harris. Their sex does not overcome their personalities or their proposed policies.

In 2024, if Nikki Haley runs, I would think she would be the odd-on favorite for the Republican nomination.


Hmmm… Their “relatability” has also been discussed.
When that sort of stuff is discussed in the same was for men as it is for women, then it will be more sensible to talk of the “stretch”.

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You truncated part of my comment: “their sex does not overcome their personalities or their policies”…perhaps I should have used “and” instead of “or”.

In the case of Warren…there were enough issues with her personality and policies that it is a stretch (for her) to blame sexism.

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Yes. Or perhaps you might have just talked about policies. But …

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personality does count. Its not sexist to say otherwise.

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It counts differently for men than for women.


to some people it might…I can only speak for me, and the people I interact with. Nobody I know has an issue with voting for a woman for president.


Bottom line is unfortunately still, “will America elect a woman president?” You can identify something that exists, but that does not equate to support. Winning the election with a candidate people want still remains paramount. In terms of this election, the Democrats will offer an old white guy to face an old white guy. Thing is, for the last 12 years the Democrats put up a young black guy and a woman and won 2 of 3. They do not have an authentic issue this election putting up a white guy.
In terms of the ESTABLISHMENT issue, that was negated by the fact that rank and file black Americans were primarily responsible for Biden’s super Tuesday.

I think that very few people have an explicit issue with voting for a woman for president.
But there are strong implicit biases against women.


Of course it is. The truth about all intersectionality/ identity politics is it is by nature bigotry.

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Warren polled well with urban college educated white voters. They have an outsized presence online, but are a small part of the population.

So, sexism? No. Voters didn’t want her. Why? Maybe the far left voters decided to go gonzo with Bernie. Warren kinda lost her way the past month, trying to move a little towards the center, but lost any constituency she might have had by doing that.

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It is her goal but the majority is likely more motivated to pick the person they like best regardless.

56% of people who cast a vote in 2016 were women. So there is no reason to believe women can’t win, unless women voters themselves are sexist against women.

In 2024, Nikki Haley will be elected president :grinning:

As an old white guy, “what is wrong with old white guys?”

This is an inconvenient fact lost on many trying to blame race for lack of diversity among the final candidates

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