Was Adam a God?


I keep reading on this forum about Adam and the Garden of Eden. Why was Adam the only one that was head of the human race… unless he was God? The Mormons believe someday they will become gods. When Adam sinned the Earth became corrupt. After Jesus came he corrected Adam’s mistake but how are people implicated in Christ’s justice? If all people became sinners through the actions of Adam than why don’t all people inherit Christ’s nature? Why do you have to work for it? That doesn’t seem quit fair that everyone suffered because of one man messing up and yet every human doesn’t automatically inherit the nature of Christ. If Christ can’t justify all people than people must have more than a wounded nature. Satanists recognize people’s true nature and try to harness their true natures.

What would have happened if Adam had sinned after there had been a billion people born on the Earth? Would they have immediately changed their nature and became like Adam even if they themselves did not eat from the forbidden tree? How can you expect anyone to believe in a just God if he would punish innocent people?


Who is “innocent” and being punished?

Yes, Adam was a “god” before the fall - he definitely was “godlike” in that he was made in the image of God, and he had free will. When he chose to use that free will to go against the Will of God, that is when he lost that “godlike” nature.


Adam was not a god. He was a creature of God, a created being.


Than how could he have power over the entire Earth? It says that Jesus is the new Adam so how can Jesus replace Adam if he was not a God? You can’t replace a mere human with a god.


Jesus is the “New Adam” in that he “bridges” the gap between God and Man that came into being through Adam’s rebellion. Through his perfect sacrifice we can now be reconciled to God.

Oh, and we still have “power” over the whole earth. That was never taken away. Humankind still dominates the world in every imaginable way, some for the worse, some for the better. Jesus was never meant to “replace” adam. He came to fulfull the prophecy that one day the gap that was made through sinfulness & rebellion would be able to be bridged.

If anyone else wants to clarify my statements, please do so.


I was going to reply but then I noticed you are non-christian so you haven’t even introduced to the basics (no offence intended). There are many errors in your understanding of original sin and Jesus’ redemption. I invite you to read/study more on the subject. A book that comes to mind is “the faith explained” can’t remember the author and my sister has my copy…sorry. This was my first catholic book (apart from Bible) and I strongly recommended. If I get to see my sister I’ll ask her for the author’s name.


Thanks! :slight_smile:


A king can put a prime minister over his entire kingdom without making the prime minister a king, just as God could put Adam over the whole earth without making him a god. It is an act of a higher authority granting someone else a lesser authority. In this case, God was an authority over the earth, and because of that authority He was able to give Adam an authority, too. However, this authority was clearly a lesser authority, because later God is able to do things to to earth without Adam’s permission. If Adam were made into a god himself, then he would have the same authority as God, and God would not be able to do this.


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