Was Adam born over 2 million years ago?

Was Adam born in Africa as the first Homo sapien or born in the middle east much later. also what about the man which spread out from Africa going to regions like India? how would I know which species went and how we are related to Adam and Eve?


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Adam was not burn 2,000,000 years ago. Homo Sapiens are not that old. Since says that Homo Sapiens goes back potentially 200,000

My personal belief is that Adam was the first male Homo Sapien Sapen.


trouble is now that they may have been here 300,000 years ago based on a potential article

how would this affect the line of Adam to Jesus for then there were people like Seth,Enosh to Abraham.

It doesn’t affect it.

Scientists cannot agree on what distinguishes Homo sapiens sapien from other subspecies of homo sapien.

Also, Biblical genealogy of the Old Testament does not literally have to be taken as biological father & son relationships.

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When archeologists date an event to, say, 200,000 years ago or 300,0000 years ago, it’s the estimate that most closely fits the evidence in existence at a given moment. From time to time new evidence emerges, and that will sometimes confirm the earlier estimates but quite often it will show that a new estimate is required. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s the way scientific knowledge is acquired, piecemeal and little by little.

By the way, the title you put on this thread shows that you have already rejected the Biblical account. According to Genesis, Adam wasn’t born. He was created.

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