Was Baha'u'llah a Saint ?

Was Baha’u’llah a Saint ?

Servant19 , because you say that Baha’u’llah and Jesus are one, and Jesus is the King of Saints then Baha’u’llah would have to be the King of Saints too right?So if Jesus came into the world by choosing poverty as an example for Mankind, what kind of poverty did Baha’u’llah live in as his example for Mankind?

Words Of Baha’u’llah :
That which thou hast heard concerning Abraham, the Friend of the All-Merciful, is the truth, and no doubt is there about it. The Voice of God commanded Him to offer up** Ishmael** as a sacrifice, so that His steadfastness in the Faith of God and His detachment from all else but Him may be demonstrated unto men. The purpose of God, moreover, was to sacrifice him as a ransom for the sins and iniquities of all the peoples of the earth. This same honor, Jesus, the Son of Mary, besought the one true God, exalted be His name and glory, to confer upon Him. For the same reason was Ḥusayn offered up as a sacrifice by Muḥammad, the Apostle of God.

Ishmael ?

I think a 40 year imprisonment is sufficient poverty. A person of true fair-mindedness would allow for the last, illness-ridden, 12 years of his life to be in some comfort, not by His own choosing but by the insistence of His family.

Until His father passed away, Bahá’u’lláh did not seek position or political station notwithstanding His connection with the government. This occasioned surprise and comment. It was frequently said, “How is it that a young man of such keen intelligence and subtle perception does not seek lucrative appointments? As a matter of fact, every position is open to him.” This is an historical statement fully attested by the people of Persia.

He was most generous, giving abundantly to the poor. None who came to Him were turned away. The doors of His house were open to all. He always had many guests. This unbounded generosity was conducive to greater astonishment from the fact that He sought neither position nor prominence. In commenting upon this His friends said He would become impoverished, for His expenses were many and His wealth becoming more and more limited. “Why is he not thinking of his own affairs?” they inquired of each other; but some who were wise declared, “This personage is connected with another world; he has something sublime within him that is not evident now; the day is coming when it will be manifested.” In truth, the Blessed Perfection was a refuge for every weak one, a shelter for every fearing one, kind to every indigent one, lenient and loving to all creatures.

He became well-known in regard to these qualities before the Báb appeared. Then Bahá’u’lláh declared the Báb’s mission to be true and promulgated His teachings. The Báb announced that the greater Manifestation would take place after Him and called the Promised One “Him Whom God shall make manifest,” saying that nine years later the reality of His own mission would become apparent. In His writings He stated that in the ninth year this expected One would be known; in the ninth year they would attain to all glory and felicity; in the ninth year they would advance rapidly. Between Bahá’u’lláh and the Báb there was communication privately. The Báb wrote a letter containing three hundred and sixty derivatives of the root Bahá. The Báb was martyred in Tabríz; and Bahá’u’lláh, exiled into ‘Iráq in 1852, announced Himself in Baghdád. For the Persian government had decided that as long as He remained in Persia the peace of the country would be disturbed; therefore, He was exiled in the expectation that Persia would become quiet. His banishment, however, produced the opposite effect. New tumult arose, and the mention of His greatness and influence spread everywhere throughout the country. The proclamation of His manifestation and mission was made in Baghdád. He called His friends together there and spoke to them of God.

At one point He left the city and went alone into the mountains of Kurdistán, where He made His abode in caves and grottoes. A part of this time He lived in the city of Sulaymáníyyih. Two years passed during which neither His friends nor family knew just where He was.

Although Bahá’u’lláh was solitary, secluded and unknown in His retirement, the report spread throughout Kurdistán that this was a most remarkable and learned Personage, gifted with a wonderful power of attraction. In a short time Kurdistán was magnetized with His love. During this period Bahá’u’lláh lived in poverty. His garments were those of the poor and needy. His food was that of the indigent and lowly. An atmosphere of majesty haloed Him as the sun at midday. Everywhere He was greatly revered and beloved.

  • Abdu’l-Baha (New York, 1912)


This is the subject of another thread.


The question you should be asking is “Was the Bab a Saint?”

The Bab wrote about Baha’u’llah.

In the eyes of the Bab, Baha’u’llah could do anything He wanted in the world and would still demand the station of Lord of all the heavens and the earth.

Look at the life of the Bab too. He is the King of Saints. Absolute poverty in this world, kingly wealth in the world to come. Creation came into being through the Bab. Once you realize that Truth, then what you read about how He revers Baha’u’llah will establish the majesty and awe of Baha’u’llah’s station.


The only problem is that nobody has ever heard of Bab and Baha’u’llah and the few followers that do only write their spin about them.


You would surely then have told me to dismiss Jesus as well then if this was the year 100AD

Would you have become a Christian if you met Jesus Techno? I think not…



The greatness of Jesus spread all over the world very quickly, Baha’u’llah…not so much.

In what prison did Baha’u’llah spend 40 years in ?

You need to drop this. Baha’u’llah was the founder of a heretical sect of Islam, which itself is heretical. Neithe one has any Divine origin, they are human inventions founded on corruptions of the Divine Revelation to the Israelites and consummated in Jesus Christ. Neither Muhammad nor Baha’u’llah are be recognized as saints by the Catholic Church. Whether or not they are in heaven we cannot know.


According to this:


…it took till the 4th century for Christianity to grow to what the Baha’i Faith has grown to in less than 2 centuries. Let me also state that the Baha’i Faith has spread to more regions of the globe than all other religions bar Christianity within this time.

I think you know as well as I that Truth is not a numbers thing, otherwise apartheid in South Africa was Truth.

You need a stronger argument :slight_smile:

Isn’t this about the saintly qualities of Baha’u’llah or are you simply trying to be a modern day Pharisee :wink:

2Thess 3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

4 Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.

What will the “falling away” of Christianity look like before Jesus returns?


Yes dear friend, just as Christ is the founder of a heretical sect of Judaism which itself is a heretical sect of the ancient Egyptian religions.



It was not one prison. He started His imprisonment in the Siyah Chal (Black Pit) in Tehran:


He was then exiled and under a house arrest basically in Baghdad, Adrianople and Constantinople and ending His incarceration back in prison proper in the worst prison of all in Akka, (in modern day Israel):




Do the Baha’i have a forum where Catholics can go and post dozens of endless threads about the truth of Catholicism?

Turnabout is fair play, right?

Sure thing brother…but I can’t tell you because Baha’is see the Truth in Catholicism, only a few things have been further fulfilled :smiley:

I must warn you though, no one will tell you that Jesus received a Revelation from Satan, nor will your personal spiritual experiences be belittled and thrown out as nothing more than demonic :wink:



p.s I didn’t post this thread.

I know. But you obviously provoked…um…inspired it.

So you’re basically telling me to not post here any more?


What I’m telling you is that if you and Tonyfish left, I doubt another question would come up about the Baha’i in YEARS. :nope:

So, here’s my question: since you have a nice forum of your own, why not devote yourself to explaining and defending your faith there instead of here?

I’m sure you’ll say you do both, but isn’t the REAL reason you are here is to promote your faith on a high-traffic website in the hopes of converting a few (or creating Google links)? :sad_yes:

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