Was Bartolo Longo ever excommunicated?

I was wondering, was Bl.Bartolo Longo ever excommuncated latate sentate? Given his background it made me wonder. I know his confession was heard by a priest, but what happned in the time leading up to that? For those who have never heard of him, his story is quite interesting, and inspiring, makes you realize just how great God’s mercy is. St.Augustine has nothing on this guy.

For those who don’t know about him, here’s a brief biography


What led you to believe that he had been excommuncated latate sentate?

And pardon the ignorance, but could someone explain what that term means? I get that it is a type of excommunication, but what type?

I’ve developed a bit of an interest in Bartolo Longo, having somewhat similar backgrounds and all…thanks Eucharisted!

Latate Sentate is automatic excommunication commited at the moment of the act.

I’ve never read it anywhere, but I read an article saying that he “was now able to receive the sacraments again.” They were probably referring to him confessing his sins, and being in a state of grace, but it just made me wonder.

I am wondering if this is something only God would know - given the type of excommunication. He would, of course, be restored to full communion with The Church when he received absolution. Does that make sense?

Yeah, it’s just the wording and all. You know?

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