Was Buddha Sent from God?


So i’ve been studying apocrypha for the last few years now and i stumbled across some parts that have to do with buddha.

“ But God [Zrwān ?], in each epoch, sends apostles: Šīt[īl, Zarathushtra,] Buddha, Christ, . . .”

so is this referring to Buddha being of divine origin. because i found so of the buddhism doctrine to be vary different from the catholic doctrine so how could this be?


It’s Apocryphal, so it’s not Catholic doctrine. To be distinguished from the Deutrocanonicals, which are in the Bible, and are called Apocryphal by Protestants. A number of those Apocryphal books are rife with heresy, such as the passage you just quoted. There’s a reason they were viewed to be uninspired and not in the Bible.


Which apocrypha is this?


Found it. Here’s the Wikipedia page for it:

The author is listed at the heresiarch of Manichaenism.


I read that Buddhism began as a heresy in Hinduism.
Is there anyone in their “Central Command” or does it
just happen somehow ?


By my understanding, it depends on the type of Buddhism. The Dalai Lama, for example, is head of one type of Buddhism.


Buddha was not sent from God. Buddhism is a pagan religion. For the Bible says nothing about Buddha.


Almost right. It began as a heresy in Brahmanism and later Brahmanism developed into Hinduism. Buddhism came after the Vedas but before the Bhagavad Gita if that helps.

Each sect has its own central body. There is no overall central body for the whole religion. Yes, that means there are a lot of different sects.




It is indeed possible that Buddha was inspired by God. Think of it this way. All religions have some degree of truth, Catholicism/Orthodoxy having the fullness of the truth, as in a circle.


Approaching your question from the perspective of a belief in reincarnation, it would appear that both Moses and later John the Baptist were both highly evolved souls and that God chose a particular environment for them to be born into. Buddha very possibly could have been an evolved soul. This doesn’t mean that any of them were divine.


He was permitted by God, created by God and is loved by God. His ultimate disposition? We will not and cannot know in this life, despite all appearances. Since he was “BC” it seems that anything is possible. Those who lived and died before Christ could not hear the Gospel unless…

He did teach to look at his philosophy and not at him, so he never made any messianic claim that I am aware of. His philosophy seems one of disconnecting from the ills and vagaries of life, sublimating it to the level of an abstraction or illusion. Hard to reconcile this, as his pain was real.

If one is detached and has no expectations or desires, there can be no disappointments. Yet, mankind has since been taught better.

Also interesting that much that is “known” about him is based solely on Buddhist tradition. Let’s review, shall we?

Buddha’s authority as a teacher, his writings and the tradition handed on.

A formula which sounds vaguely familiar, as if a precursor to something - which might also explain the Church’s rapid growth in Asia. I pray that it does!


Almost. The Buddha is mentioned in Jain scriptures, just as the Jain Mahavira is mentioned in Buddhist scriptures; they were contemporaries, the Mahavira being the older. They never met, but their followers did and debated each other.






Mahavira (Buddhism), Mashiach (Judaism), Mahdi (Islam), Maitreya (Buddhism), Messiah (Christianity), aMaterasu (Shinto), Meha (Hopi), Mictlanpachecatl (Aztec)…

Bolon Yokte (Maya), Buddha, Brahma (Hindu), Boreh (Hebrew for Creator), Baal (Lord)

Almost seems planned…?


Ah, but writings are handed on, which makes them tradition.


The Mahavira was Jain, not Buddhist. Also he was the last Tirthankara of the current age, there will be no more Tirthankaras until the end of the current material universe. For your example, better to step back one to Parshvanatha, the previous Tirthankara (about 800 BCE), who was Mahavira’s predecessor and who predicted the coming of Mahavira as his successor.



Not to my knowledge; Buddhism is an Eastern religion and an Eastern philosophy. Christianity is a Middle Eastern faith, and Roman Catholicism is a form of Christianity that started in the West. I do not think that the Buddha was inspired or sent by the God they believe in, but I could be wrong.


Thanks for the correction.


“Listen for the color of the sky. Look for the sound of the hummingbird’s wings. Search the air for the perfume of ice on a hot day. If you have found these things, you will know.” -Master Po


Buddha was simply a man. He was not divine. In fact Buddhists are atheists.

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