Was Christianity 'influenced' by a pagan religion?

Im posting this question because it has bothered me some time and I would like an answer to this question, please/

I love history, and as such I have on occasion bumped into an ancient persian religion called ‘Zoarastrianism’ (I think thats how its spelled). Usually this is in historical video pc games, books, and just a few days ago, a history channel program about the battle between Christ and Satan. In all of these things it is mentioned briefly that Zoarastrianism influenced Judaism and Christianity. Now I never understood this. I read somwhere that J/C (Judaism/Christianity) got the concept of angels and the whole war in heaven/rebellion against God thing from Zor (Zoarastrianism). Like I mentioned about the history channel program before, there it said that some scholars believe (key words being ‘some’ and ‘believe’) that when the jews were exiled to persia they were ‘influenced’ by the ‘intense religious drama’ of Zor, and thus Christianity was influenced by it, like in the battle between Christ (ultimate good) vs Satan (ultimate evil).

Whats even more interesting about this was that that program seemed to think Zor was a monothiestic religion (really?), and they were the ones who came up with the concept of ultimate good against ultimate evil (they compared it to hinduism, and kind of said ancient religions did not seperate good from evil, but where generally in the same sphere of things, like a pagan god holding both the power to create and destroy, as in encompassing both good and evil).

My point is: is there any real link between J/C and Zor? Did one influence the other? Are they even similar at all? Or is this yet another attempt by some to undermine Christianity by linking it with a pagan religion (as they used to do alot in the 1800’s, with some still trying to do that today), and thus say J/C are just pagan religions and/or false?

These are things I have wanted answers to for a while, I would very much appreciate a response to this post, as I believe your are qualified to answer it, thanks.

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