Was contraception illegal civilly at one time?


In the USA, was contraception illegal at one time in civil law?


The Comstock laws of 1873 essentially made birth control and discussion of such methods illegal as an obscenity. This started to change around WWI when STD issues with soldiers made it a public health issue.



Thanks. You have completely answered my question. Now I can include this fact in my lesson on contraception.

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You never got a detention in school, did you?


You realize that contraception was legal BEFORE the Comstock Law went into effect in the US? Think of it like Prohibition. Legal, then illegal, and then legal.


what kind of contraception was used before 1873?!


Mostly barrier methods. Contraception has been around for thousands of years and in thousands of cultures.

Until the invention of rubber, condoms were made of natural elements, from animals or from materials.

For women, elements were also used as a barrier, but mostly, I believe, women took herbs internally for the prevention of pregnancy, or to bring on a miscarriage.

Until the modern age, contraception was hit or miss.


It was illegal in the United States because Protestants also believed it was immoral.


And as the culture changed, most religious communities changed with it.


Certainly the Church of England and most Protestant Churches regarded it as a sin until I think 1930.


Sometimes you have to break the rules if the rules make no sense, regardless of which (earthly) authority created them.


You mean break the rules let’s say on sex slavery. After all it’s happening all of the world.


Yes, contraception was illegal. You might want to read the case of Griswold v. Connecticut.




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