Was deicide ever officially taught?


Was it even taught as dogma that the Jewish people were guilty of deicide or was it simply a widespread opinion?


I think it was officially taught BUT one thing I would like to point out in defense of the traditional Catholic theology.

In the Catechism of the Council of Trent (which is about as pre-V2 as you can get!), it says that the sin of crucifying Christ is GREATER in Christians than in any Jews, because Christians claim to believe in Jesus yet continue sinning…thereby crucifying him all over again by their sins. IOW, if sin is why Jesus died, then those who claim to know him yet keep sinning, are the true “christ killers”.

As a Jew, I felt that was a pretty tolerant (toward Jews) statement for that time and place. Not to mention, 100% true as far as Catholic teaching and belief goes.


I’m confused as to how the charge of deicide could be leveled on an entire people, especially when the majority were neither present nor born when the Cruxifiction happened. I thought sin is supposed to be individual, not collective.


According to the NT, the Jewish crowd said, "may his blood be on us and upon our children" (Matthew.)

I suspect this is where the historical Catholic church got their belief in collective guilt from.

I have to say, as a Jew, that to me, it does sound as if the historical Catholic church was going strictly by what the NT said.

But as a Jew, I doubt much that is written in the NT even happened, so…it doesn’t concern me.


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