Was Dorothy Day a saint or sinner?


Dorothy Day seems to be heralded as some kind of saint. I have copies of her *Catholic Worker *and she loved Castro and what he was doing to Cuba. Is this what makes her so popular?


Of course not. Holy people are admired for their sanctity, not their politics.

Dorothy Day was a journalist in the early part of the twentieth century who converted to Catholicism. She had lived a very sinful life for a number of years prior to her conversion, including having been involved in two common-law marriages and having had an abortion. After her conversion she became involved in social justice campaigns and started the Catholic Worker movement.

She did indeed take stances on political issues that would today be considered leftist, but her main concern was to care for and be an advocate for society’s poor and marginalized. And, when the sixties “free love” revolution came, Day rejected it by saying that she had already lived through the bad effects of “free love.” She also remained staunchly loyal to the Church. I once read an interview with a nun who became radicalized during the same period who knew Day personally and was impatient with Day that she never budged in her fidelity to the Church’s teachings.

The Archdiocese of New York opened a cause for sainthood for Day in 2000. She is currently given the title Servant of God.

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