Was every prophet prophesized?

Was King David prophesized like other prophets? What about Isaiah? Was every prophet prophesized before he was even born?

King David was prophecied, and so was his son Solomon. I’m not aware of any prophecies that Isaiah would come, but John the Baptist was prophecied, not to mention Jesus. I certainly don’t think they were ALL prophecied, except in passages that simply say “I will send you prophets.”

Obviously not. This would require an infinite regression of prophets (ie, if X was a prophet, he was prophesied by W, who was prophesied by V, etc, until you get back to A, with nobody to prophesy A without an infinite regression).

But I think you suppose that a “prophet” is someone who foretells future events. That’s not actually what the word means - it means someone who speaks for God (the word “prophet” means “speaks for God”). Though prophets sometimes foretell future events, they are only doing so because they are speaking for God, who knows about this stuff.

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