Was God a Volcano?

An interesting video, that could seemingly tie in with the cultural context of the time; the idea of worshipping nature.

I know it seems a ridiculous preposition, but it is intriguing as the imagery and symbolism the creator mentions could be attributed to that of a volcano; though they are obviously not meant to be taken literally.

Any thoughts?


God’s anger was seen in natural cataclysms, I think thats why the old testament God was so tough, the area was suffering some serious natural disasters.

Based on some of the other topics that guy has youtubed, I’d say he is a few verses short of the Old Testament…but, he’s entitled.

If God is a volcano, then these people are already dead.

Volcano or not, Moses went into it and returned.
Seems miraculous to me.

The video has an cynical atheist agenda. Basically, the message of the video is that specific bible passages describe God using volcano-like imagery. Then the video asks you to consider that all the experiences of God were simply primitive people’s lack of understanding of volcanoes. And from there, there is no God since it was just a volcano. The point is to make you feel stupid if you still believe in God after seeing that all that they were witnessing was a volcano and attributed it to God. Atheists shaming you if you still believe after his clever point is made.

Of course, we have this same God (one God, the same God) described all over the old testament with many other images. We have God as a river, as the sun, as a King, as a voice who comes in a dream, etc.

If the ancients really thought that God was a volcano, would they also think he should be described in many other ways? Are the other ways to be taken literally?

Then in the NT we have God as a Dove, as a real person in Christ, as a lamb.

It is clear that nobody thought God was a volcano. They would have come out and said it.

Atheists are always looking for proof. So they read the text as providing evidence. But the text is a record of the oral traditions of people who kept their history as these stories so that the could remember where they came from and record their spiritual journey. They are free to use any imagery the wish to help them with the stories. They never claimed to be providing proof to a 2000 AD skeptic.

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